Government in Bed With Big Ag Now Midwest Farmers Under Siege (Video)

Food and Farming

by N.Morgan 


Former U.S. Air Force Officer and Farmer Mark Barker joins the program to discuss his ongoing battle with the DNR and the State of Michigan.

Mark explains how farmers across the Midwest (where the soil is richer and more fertile) are under siege as the U.S. Government and Big Ag plot to steal family farms.

You can see more about Mark Barker and his battle on his YouTube channel:… or on his website at


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Suburban Chicago Resident Ordered to Stop ‘Slumber Parties’ for Homeless During Freezing Temperatures by Authorities (Video)


by N.Morgan

A Chicago resident who had been kindly opening up his home offering “slumber parties” in his basement for the homeless people in his neighborhood during dangerously cold weather says city officials have given him an ultimatum.

Stop the “slumber parties” or the house will be condemned.

Greg Schiller, of Elgin, said he began letting a group of homeless people sleep in his unfinished basement last month during brutally cold nights, offering them food, warm beverages and a cot to sleep on while watching movies.

“I would stay up all night with them and give them coffee and stuff and feed them,” he said, adding that no drugs or alcohol were allowed inside his residence during the evening events.

During last winter, Schiller offered up his garage to area homeless, but said he was told he could no longer do so after EMTs were called to help a man with a heart condition.

That’s when he had the idea to move them to his basement – complete with all the activities needed to consider them simply “slumber parties.”

Schiller believed city code allowed for slumber parties, but officials said there are “sleeping regulations” for basements and Schiller’s basement doesn’t meet those requirements.

“While we appreciate those who volunteer to provide additional resources in the community, Mr. Schiller’s house does not comply with codes and regulations that guard against potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and insufficient exits in the event of a fire,” city spokesperson Molly Center said in a statement.

Schiller said city officials and police officers came to his home with a warrant Tuesday and went into his basement.

There, he said they found his ceiling height too low and windows too high and too small to be an egress.

“They shut me down and said I have 24 hours to return my basement to storage and take down – I have several cots with sleeping bags for everybody – or they’ll condemn the house.”

Center confirmed that Schiller was given 24 hours to clear the basement in an emailed statement, adding, “If not, the City will take additional enforcement action to compel the removal of the unlawful basement sleeping area.”

Officials had earlier threatened citations for other violations at the home, which is owned by Schiller’s girlfriend, including a broken window, a fold-up trailer on the property and a portable toilet he had set up for the group to use, Schiller said.

“I’m trying to help these people get out of the cold,” he told NBC 5. “There’s not a lot of help for them as far as places to lay their heads.”

Schiller said he only opened up the basement when an area shelter wasn’t available.

He pointed out that some shelters in the area require homeless to meet a specific set of criteria and others open only when temperatures reach a certain level.

PADS of Elgin confirmed that there are requirements to be eligible for their services, but declined to specify what that criteria included.

An emergency shelter at First United Methodist Church of Elgin, operated by the organization Matthew 25:40, opens when the temperature outside is 15 degrees or less.

Schiller said he hosted his “slumber parties” when wind chill values were 15 degrees or less, but would not offer up the basement if the emergency shelter was open.

“It’s cold enough to freeze to death,” he said.

Matthew 25:40 did not immediately respond to NBC Chicago’s request for comment Tuesday.

“Elgin has lawful shelters that provide a safe space for people to go throughout the year,” Center said in a statement. “In times of extreme temperature, temporary locations open within the community that all conform to regulations and codes.”

The city also noted there is a women’s shelter and other facilities around the area where people can go.

A full list can be found on the city’s website.

Temperatures Tuesday in Elgin were forecast to reach a high of only 6 degrees, meaning area shelters should open.

They aren’t expected to warm above the threshold again until this weekend, when they could rise back into the upper-20s. It’s not clear if shelters plan to remain open.

Schiller said that while he does plan to stop hosting his slumber parties, he’s working to find other options for taking care of the homeless he now knows so well.

“Somebody’s going to die,” he said.



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Call To Action: Urgent Message To All Americans (Videos)


by N.Morgan

In this new age of cyber censorship, websites such as Before Its News and other alternative news sites are now heavily depending on their readers and contributors to help get critical information out to the people and to bypass the controlled media search engines.

Google has been on a tyrannical binge of censorship by removing certain sites, like Before Its News, from its searches and trying to  make it impossible for readers to find the alternative news they want.

This is a time when we all must come together, work together and beat this systemic censorship and 1st Amendment abuses.

A solution to combat this unsavory control is for everyone to build up their social media accounts, readers, contributors, everyone, and share, share,share, the articles you think are important and are “need to know” news.

Starting immediately, when you read a article that is important to you, share it on your social media groups, send it out in emails, send those articles to other websites and inquire if they would publish these articles on their website.

By building an audience, your reach is expanded and then more and more people will see and share the article.

The way around mainstream censorship is to cut it out entirely, becoming independent from the “mainstream” search engines.

Here are 3 helpful articles for building an audience:

39 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

How to Build a Social Media Following in 2017

5 Tactics To Build Your Social Media Following

As Americans, we need to take a pro-active role in saving and protecting our 1st Amendment rights and free speech.

Become a citizen journalist, a videographer, whatever your medium is, and start reporting what is happening in your neck of the woods or around the world.

Have your voice heard and be apart of the growing movement to break free from the enslavement of controlled mainstream media and search engines.

Break free from propaganda and its many tentacles of censorship that are choking out the truth and replacing it with propaganda and lies.

Check out Before Its News Facebook:



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Tyranny: Waco Bikers Must Sign Judges Order Not To Sue, Or No Bail (Video)

Conspiracy Theories, Corrupt Politicians, Court System, False Flag Ops, Mass Arrests, News, Targeted Individuals, The Law, Tyranny



(N.Morgan) In a press release from Looney and Conrad Law firm, whom represent many of the Waco bikers who are still incarcerated in the Waco jail, the attorneys have revealed some startling and questionable information pertaining to the bikers bond and term of release from jail.




Earlier today, detainees in the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco were told that in exchange for bond reductions, they must sign a document stating the Waco police “had the right to arrest the inmate and that he/she will not file a lawsuit against McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.”

Anyone who is slightly familiar with the Law will undoubtedly see this for what it is, extortion.

The authorities in Waco must know they violated these people’s rights with unlawful arrest and internment and now are trying to cover their tails by making an unscrupulous exchange.

5d81 (1)


On the two-week anniversary of the “shootout at high noon” at the Twin Peaks restaurant between motorcyclists and law enforcement officers, at least 170 people remain detained on $1 million bonds.

This latest information was reported to an attorney representing at least one of the detainees.

“It appears the public defenders office in McLennan County is involved in this scurrilous activity,” said Paul Looney, a Houston attorney with Looney & Conrad, P.C.

“I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people and now to add insult to injury they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond.

I will be in the reception area of the McLennan County D.A.’s office tomorrow morning at 8:30 with the intention of not leaving until we have the issue of bond resolved.”

“They know these people aren’t dangerous or they wouldn’t be offering the bond reductions and they know the police and the D.A.’s office have violated the law and now they are trying to hold people hostage until they agree to waive their rights. It’s unconscionable,” said Clay S. Conrad, Looney’s law partner.

150518-waco-texas- (1)


According to some family member of the detained bikers, ” In other words, the Waco PD is putting a gun to the head of the accused by holding their freedom for ransom. “If you want out, give us a pass.”

Such a thing is nothing short of extortion! If they refuse, they intend on continuing to hold them on the $1-million bond.

Let that sink in for a moment. The Waco PD and feds would have you believe that nearly 170 Americans, whom are locked away, are so dangerous, that they cannot be trusted with freedom. Yet, if they’ll agree to absolve the Waco PD of any crime, suddenly they’re outstanding citizens?

Like I’ve been telling you since the beginning, these men and women were kidnapped to attain their silence. They were kidnapped to protect the Waco Police from having to answer for their crimes. And we can prove it, now.

The Waco Police wants absolution for murdering 9 people, and kidnapping and abusing 170 witnesses. But they want to circumvent the legal system. They don’t want their crimes to be exposed to the public.

This is another case of government believing that they are above justice.

We cannot allow such a thing to happen.

The truth needs to known, and it needs to spread from coast-to-coast.

If they get away with it in Waco, they’ll do it again. Maybe next time, you’ll be the target.

If you are family of any of the victims who are being held for ransom by the Waco Police, do not agree to sign this document.

waco-shootout-capital-murder-913x1024 (1)


The Waco Police shall not avoid the inevitable day when the truth comes out in court.

True justice is coming!

And the Waco Police will soon be exposed for their crimes against the victims of the Waco massacre.

The dead and the kidnapped deserve true justice, and that won’t come with silence, it will come with the exposure of the truth.


lead_960 (1)



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Cop Tells Kid “What Are You Going To Do If I Violate His Rights?” – Then He Sees Cop Watchers

4th Amendment, Police Brutality, Police State, Politics



(N.Morgan) The police officers of this nation have fallen from honor and have lost most of the public’s respect with their tyrannical antics. This time, an officer appears to be harassing a young man ,asking a passerby, “What are you going to do if I violate his rights?” and then he realizes it is Cop Watchers who is addressing him and the police officer got out of Dodge.This is what we are facing in this Police State. No reason was ever given by the officer as to why he was even talking to the young man or what his issue was.

I know there are some people who still believe not all cops are bad and I agree. I have some family members who are cops, but they are also well versed in the Constitution and follow it accordingly. The police have to be this way. This is a chosen behavior that We The People need to put a stop to. If this continues, it will only get worse, as we’ve seen in the last 10 years or so.


Know your rights, keep a camera handy at all times, especially when you are out of your home, that is one of our best defenses against this tyranny.








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After The Homeless, Who Will FEMA Go After Next? (Video)

Agenda 21, Eugenics, False Flag Ops, FEMA, FEMA Camps, Govt Round Ups, Mass Arrests, Police State, Population Control, Power Elite



(N.Morgan) Gabor Zolna poses a very intriguing question in regards to the government round ups, that seem to be taking place. Who will FEMA go after next? Will it be Pro- Second Amendment supporters?  Will it be patriots who stand firm against this regime’s tyranny? Will it be those who are suffering from debilitating diseases or the weakest of the herd, as they like to think? If the Administration is starting to round up the homeless, and sending them off to FEMA Camps, who’s next, the chronically unemployed or the elderly?






FEMA Camp Round Up Has Begun: The Homeless First!


FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore


FEMA Camps For The Homeless!









homeless fema camp



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Scary New World Order Plans For Google Barge FEMA Camp (Video)

Conspiracy Theories, FEMA, FEMA Camps, New World Order, Police State, Politics, Population Control, Power Elite



(N.Morgan) I recently wrote another article about the Google barge and if it could possibly be used as floating FEMA Camps or as I jokingly called it, FEMA Island. (However, it isn’t a joking matter)  Is the Regime preparing for having mobile FEMA Camps? Is that the purpose or is it to keep the worst of the worst who revolt against the regime sent to FEMA Island?

Please take the time to watch the video and follow the links I have provided. Think of it this way, if they had a thousand people on that barge and decided they were too much trouble, they would only have to sink it to be rid of us!








 Floating Prisons

NC Homeless Hauled to FEMA camps & force RFID Chips or No Benefit:


Cop Talks About FEMA Camps & Red Blue Dots


 Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura FEMA CAMPS














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Path Of Destruction: Tornado Now: Agenda 21 (Video)

Agenda 21, Severe Weather, Weather Modification



(N.Morgan) The horrifying tornadoes that swept through Arkansas ans 3 other states has left devastation and destruction in their wake. Could this have been a planned attack for more land grabs? was this a modified weather event, with the specific purpose of implementing Agenda 21, in certain parts of the country?



Arkansas is being heavily hit by a sweeping destructive tornado today…along with a few other states. Please read about Agenda 21 and the fight between Arkansas,other states, and our constitutional rights when it comes to property ownership. Weather Warfare is a present reality and we need to face it squarely on. Investigation is needed as the mainstream news is covering up this reality. Is it possible to investigate the United Nations?










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Trilateral Commission Agenda Clarified (Video)




(N.Morgan) The Trilateral Commission will be having its annual meeting this weekend in Washington is becoming clearer. Trilateral Commission member Tom Donilon hid the Trilateral group’s key plans in plain sight. We know this “commission” is actually the Global Elite, hidden in plain site. Their agenda will cover the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, among other sinister agendas, I’m sure they have up their sleeves.


Because the Trilateral Commission—a private foreign-policy outfit—is highly secretive regarding its strong hidden impact on public policy, its members typically avoid making explicit mention of the Commission’s name in print—or on the air. However, it’s common for Trilateral members like Donilon to indicate the basic thrust of the group’s plans by placing carefully-written columns in the nation’s most influential newspapers.





Donilon wrote in the Post yesterday that the Trilateral Commission is bent on completing two major free-trade agreements: The Transpacific Partnership and a U.S.-European Union trade pact. To lay the groundwork for these agreements, Donilon described the obscure American concept of “rebalancing” toward Asia. In his Post column, he wrote: “The rebalance is a comprehensive effort incorporating all elements of U.S. national power.” That includes military power.

Donilon added: “The centerpiece of the economic rebalancing is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the most important trade deal under negotiation today.” The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, would be the world’s most massive trade scheme, roping in 12 nations and 40 percent of global GDP. That’s one-third of all world trade. Critics, such as former Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts, say that such trade agreements mainly trade away U.S. sovereignty and export good-paying jobs. According to Anderson, the TPP has been front and center for not only the Trilateral Commission but also for related pro-globalization groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR. Notably, Donilon—a former U.S. national security adviser—is a CFR member as well.









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