Off-Duty Cop Shoots Woman In The Head for Honking Her Horn- Cop Charged With Road Rage

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(N.Morgan) An off duty Texas cop shot a 20 year old in the head for honking at him in a road rage incident. Kenneth Caplan allegedly pulled a gun on the woman after she beeped when he cut her off on the 610 South Loop in Houston during evening rush hour on Nov. 11, reports Click2Houston. The Harris County Precinct 6 Deputy Constable is accused of catching up with her car, rolling down his window and pulling the trigger.  Caplan, who had a passenger in the car, then fled the scene.








The woman, who has not been named, incredibly survived the shooting after the bullet just grazed the left side of her head. She managed to pull her vehicle over to the side of the road and dial 911. Paramedics arrived and she was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with what doctors described as “non life-threatening injuries.” An investigation was launched into Caplan, and he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on Wednesday. His passenger, who allegedly leaned back so that the shot could be fired, was not charged. The victim, who said she was heading west in the right lane when she was cut off by Caplan’s small blue car, said she now feared retaliation.




The woman was shot on 610 during the evening rush hour Nov. 11, 2014(Photo: Air 11 / KHOU 11)



“I keep thinking someone is going to come up and shoot me,” she told KHOU. “I feel like I got a taste of death, honestly” she added.  She was released from hospital three days after the terrifying incident. Harris County Constable’s Office said in a statement that it “neither condones nor tolerates the actions taken by Caplan.”  “The necessary measures were taken to collect his credentials and remove him from our status,” it added.





Victim’s head after treatment(Photo: KHOU 11)







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Texas DHS Terror Drill: Trojan Horse For Martial Law ? (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Texas is preparing to take Austin by storm, with terror drills over an extended period of time. What are these drills for exactly? Has the Bundy stand off evoke the need in DHS to run such drills?Multiple agency Homeland Security Drills will be held over the next few weeks in Austin Texas. Agencies involved in the joint operation includes the FBI, the Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and even the University of Texas Police Department. The Texas Department of Transportation said that during the drills, law enforcement will be frequently mobilizing in and around Austin.

The public should not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area, said DPS Director Steven McCraw. McCraw is also the Texas Homeland Security Director.




Are these drills in preparation for implementing Martial Law, starting in Texas? Is this the Trojan Horse of the imprisonment of the American citizens? Is this the beginning of the end of freedom?















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Texas Tyranny: Man Turned Away From Voting Because Of His 2nd Amendment T-Shirt (Video)

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(N.Morgan) A Texas man was denied his right to vote, because of the t-shirt he chose to wear to the polls, a pro 2nd Amendment shirt. The Texas voting authorities cited a Texas law prohibiting electioneering with 100 feet of a polling place. Chris Driskill was on his way to the voting booth when, he said, “I heard a gentleman’s voice over my shoulder say ‘he can’t vote with that shirt on. You’ll have to either turn it inside out our you’ll have to leave.'” Driskill at first thought that his shirt, which read “2nd Amendment: America’s Original Homeland Security,” had offended the polling workers’ politics. “I didn’t quite understand it at first,” he said. “I was thinking they just didn’t like something about the Second Amendment.”

Mr. Driskill offered to put on his coat 100 feet away from the voting booth and cover the shirt and he was then permitted to cast his ballot.


I was surprised this happened in Texas, of all places, but perhaps it’s a bigger sign of things to come. The tyranny that’s just around the corner.


Texas Game Wardens Prepare For War (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Not to be left out of the Police State shenanigans, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has now been outfitted with a new SWAT team. They claim this new team will be used in rescue situation, but it looks to me like they are readying for war.

Among the TPWD’s specialized units is the “Scout Team,” a group of 25 wardens who “have received a variety of training and can be used in border operations, dignitary protection, or any form of high-risk law enforcement, such as serving felony arrests or hostage situations,” explains Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.



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