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Rothschilds Buy Up All of the Gold Signalling World Banking Collapse? (Video)

(N.Morgan) Jacob Rothschild has recently announced his intentions to buy up all remaining gold to replace stock market and currency exposure, due to the world’s central banks being “out of control”, signalling what could be the biggest financial crisis since the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008. The biggest bank in Germany is on the verge of collapse which is set to send massive reverberations throughout the EU, the US and around […]

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Keeping The Fox Out Of The Hen House & The Rothschilds Go Into Hiding (Video)

    (N.Morgan) In the video presentation below, Neil Keenan gives an update on the No Fly Zone in the East that could easily spark WWIII.  The No-Fly zones for planes carrying high-level cabal individuals are meant to “keep the fox out of the hen house”. He also mentions about some new heavyweights who have stated their willingness to join hands.       In point of fact, a NO […]

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Rothschild Stuck Again?? Patents To Blame For Missing Flight 370?? (Video)

(N.Morgan) On observation of this situation with the missing Flight 370 many are coming to the conclusion that this wasn’t an accident or a plane crash, but something far more sinister and perhaps, murderous. Why is it taking authorities so long to locate this plane? with all of their high tech gadgets and radars, they cannot locate this aircraft?       Maybe they don’t want it found. That is […]

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