Veterans on Patrol – Multiple Militia Mobilizing to Take Out Elite’s Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring Operation Backyard Brawl Oath Keepers III% (Videos)

by N.Morgan 


Reader discretion advised: Not only the topic but also the urgency in the speaker’s voice can be unsettling, nervous-making. Gentler Readers may want to skip this.

Note that the producer of Hollywood pedophilia expose documentary “An Open Secret” has been expressing on Twitter his view that the situation in Tucson is being mishandled.

He believes the finding of what appears to be a presently unoccupied child trafficking site ought to be kept quiet and law enforcement notified, so the site could be watched with the expectation that folks using it would at some point return and could be captured.

Instead, he’s thinking, that opportunity is being lost and possibly even evidence is being destroyed by what the folks publicly calling for help with the situation are doing.

“That the folks “on the ground” in Tucson are more focused on the possibility there are children still in danger in the “trafficking corridor” they believe they’ve identified.

UPDATE: Veterans On Patrol Occupation Wants Constitutional Sheriff Tucson, AZ Call to all Patriots

RadicalWatch – Call For Armed Standoff – VOP Veterans On Patrol Demand Armed Occupation Over Arrests



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Whistleblower Ex CIA Operative Child Trafficking Victim Of The Govt Freemasons (Shocking Video)

(N.Morgan)  Laurel Aston says she was a victim of the govt run child trafficking tyranny, perpetrated by this govt/Freemasons and others around the world. An underground crime syndicate,the Freemason serve the pedophiles in high places. Mrs. Aston says she became a govt victim at the age of 4. Please take time to watch her incredible story and share it.



This is just another abuse by the psychopaths in power. The Freemasons are a diabolical group, known for their secrets and perversions.



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More Stories Contributed By N. Morgan



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