YouTube Hides Mark Dice’s Video Exposing CNN as Fake News and the Reason Is Unbelievable (Video)


(N.Morgan) YouTube has now begun using a very interesting tactic in their quest to censor anything that isn’t fake news, as Mark Dice recently found out.

Mark had posted a video explaining why he believes CNN is fake news and presented evidence to substantiate his claims. YouTube then hid his video, stating the reason his video was put on Private and removed from public view was because it was Misleading.

Listen to Mark’s account of this blatant case of YouTube censorship in the video below.


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NBC Censored Putin’s Hard Truths – Here’s What You Missed (Video)


(N.Morgan) A must watch as it won’t be a waste of your time.

The corrupt deep/shadow state/establishment is directly orienting puppet infiltrator Megyn, playing free presstitute while deliberately editing out key strategic parts because the interview of Vladimir Putin was never shown in its totality here is the ENTIRE interview the fake media chose to delete away from the domestic and foreign masses.




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Your Internet Freedom Is in Jeopardy- See How (Video)


(N.Morgan) Social media sites are taking a strong stance against what they refer to as Fake/ Satire websites and alt news by censoring content that meets their criteria.

The proposed crackdown on what Social Media Giants deem “fake” news began shortly after Hillary’s devastating loss to Donald Trump;

A victory which many Washington insiders was due in large part to the President Elects use of social media to spread his message and to connect with voters.

Both Facebook and Google have announced that they will be suppressing the searchability of phony news articles on their sites.

Google plans to cut off ad sales to sites that are considered misleading or fake, effectively cutting off revenue to these blacklisted sites.

Twitter followed suit on Tuesday by annoucing they would be updating their Mute option so users will be able to mute any content they don’t wish to view.

This targeted form of censorship could take away the Peoples’ power to share information quickily and to numberous people at once.

This is by design because the Elite want control our one form of free communication and dry up the information well, keeping people uninformed and ignorant.

Stripping us of our 1st Amendment right of free speech.

There is a way to thwart this tyrannical attempt at silencing the masses, by using other social media sites, such as Seen.Life.

In the video below, Dave Hodges host of the Common Sense Show explains the benefits of joining Seen.Life and finding like minded people to connect with.

Facebook has crossed the line of privacy by demanding passports, State IDs, or birth certificates to verify one’s identity.

Seen.Life doesn’t have such restrictions and allows its users to remain anonymous.

Just as with the election, the People need to show the Elite again that they will not comply with their agenda of taking away our freedom of speech or be herded into false beliefs and propoganda with their media lies.


Try Seen.Life, where freedom of speech is a highly valued right, and enjoy sharing information freely with others secure if the knowledge that your privacy is protected.

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Censorship Hitting Epidemic Proportions on Social Media (Videos)

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(N.Morgan) The issue of censorship has become a hot topic recently on social media. There are many people who claim their social media accounts, whether on Facebook or Twitter, have been unfairly targeted and censored because of their political beliefs and/or statements they and others make on the social media platform.

The video below discusses and gives examples of censorship on Twitter.

In a recent censorship twist by Twitter, Breitbart News claims Twitter is now using the same “Shadow Banning” censorship technique that Facebook does. Breitbart News went on to claim Twitter also possesses another technique which uses a White List and/or a Black List to censor accounts.

According to a source inside the company, Twitter maintains a whitelist of accounts that are being provided a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. Twitter also maintains a blacklist of accounts that are denied, unrecognised, or ostracised.

Breitbart reported that a senior editor at a major digital publisher confirmed the Twitter information, cautioning that he feared his own tweets might be blocked if he attracted the company’s ire for speaking out on the issue and exposing the truth.

Under Stealth banning (also called Shadow banning, Hell banning, Coventry or ghost-posting) is a practice used by managers of some online communities, the action taken to block content added by spammers and Internet trolls. It is also used to block the content of other individuals whose interests do not coincide with that of a manager or the community. It lets the content be blocked through hiding of the individual’s contributions from public view but leaves the individual’s account active and the actual contributions visible to the individual.

The examples go on and on. Your freedom of speech is being chipped away daily.

Seen.Life is a new alternative social media, no censorship, free press.

On Seen.Life, you also don’t have to worry about how fast you post or being banned.

You don’t like Trump, you can post about your distain for him openly, without worry.

Don’t agree with Obama’s foreign policy?

Post about it and your posts will be seen by the entire community.

On Seen.Life your opinion is valued as free speech.

Another great thing about Seen.Life is there is absolutely no DATA gathering, your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unlike Facebook and Twitter.

No Photo ID or phone number required.

You are able to be completely anonymous !

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Facebook Censors What Your Friends Post and What You See on Your News Feed (Videos)

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(N.Morgan)  In recent years, Facebook has become notorious for its heavy censorship practices, and it has now come to light that Facebook will not only censor what you or your friends say, but they will also manipulate what you are presented for viewing in your news feed.

Turns out Facebook deploys a tactic known as ‘Stealth Banning‘. Facebook is renowned for very rarely following its own Terms Of Service. Often times, individuals will find themselves suddenly banned for from a few days to months, all for simply having a differing political opinion from those who run Facebook.

In the video below, Mark Dice exposes this shady practice and discusses how deep these ‘Stealth Banning’ tactics often go. These actions being taken by Facebook play a key role in the social engineering we are seeing daily in our society.

Were you also aware that Facebook tracks what websites you visit after leaving Facebook? That’s right, Facebook tracks everything you do after you leave Facebook, a definite invasion of privacy.

There is now an alterative to Facebook, a website which recently opened and is called Seen.Life.

It offers a no censorship, no tracking alternative to Facebook. Seen.Life is where you don’t have to worry about being banned for holding an opinion or publishing your beliefs.

With the way Facebook is headed it’s not going to be a place you want to stay. Sign up and create an account at Seen.Life and get away from this continuous invasive censorship!

Seen.Life is the true alternative social media site where you can still exercise your right to free speech.

Are you a conservative? No problem, no censorship on Seen.Life. Are you a Christian? No problem, no censorship on Seen.Life. Are you a 2nd amendment supporter? No problem, no censorship onSeen.Life.

If you formerly bought, sold or traded guns and ammo on Facebook but now can no longer do that, This is an invitation to check out the Seen.Life site.

The following article has more details and testimony of the relentless Facebook censorship.

Facebook’s Diabolical New Initiative Is Causing Mass Exodus—1000s Shut Down as They Discover… You’ll Be Floored! 


Facebook’s Diabolical New Initiative Is Causing Mass Exodus—1000s Shut Down as They Discover… You’ll Be Floored!

Jade Helm Ban, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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jadehelm6 (1)

The Jade Helm saga has taken yet another unexpected twist, by announcing the media will not be allowed to cover their exercises or faux missions.

The extremely controversial Jade Helm 15 military exercise, which is scheduled to run from July 15th to September 15th in at least seven states, including “hostile” Texas, will be entirely off-limits to reporters, according to a military spokesperson.

In fact, even the Washington Post was denied coverage of the domestic operation which some believe will lead to a martial law takeover of America.

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10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube (Video)

Censorship, Politics, Privacy, Youtube

(N.Morgan) Global censorship may be the next phase in the loss of our liberties. In the video below, are listed the 10 countries so far, to have blocked the beloved Youtube from their internet. Will America follow suit? If so, when ? The best way to stop information is to limit access to where said information can be found.







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