Texas DHS Terror Drill: Trojan Horse For Martial Law ? (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Texas is preparing to take Austin by storm, with terror drills over an extended period of time. What are these drills for exactly? Has the Bundy stand off evoke the need in DHS to run such drills?Multiple agency Homeland Security Drills will be held over the next few weeks in Austin Texas. Agencies involved in the joint operation includes the FBI, the Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and even the University of Texas Police Department. The Texas Department of Transportation said that during the drills, law enforcement will be frequently mobilizing in and around Austin.

The public should not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area, said DPS Director Steven McCraw. McCraw is also the Texas Homeland Security Director.




Are these drills in preparation for implementing Martial Law, starting in Texas? Is this the Trojan Horse of the imprisonment of the American citizens? Is this the beginning of the end of freedom?















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Obama Syria Speech . Satan The Puppet Master Revealed . Illuminati Freemason. NWO. WW3. (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The video presentation below offers an an investigative look into the face of the Little Horn of the Bible in Obama’s reflection during his Syria speech. We know he is only a puppet for the Power Elite and at times, during his various speeches, he gives away his true agendas. We are at the cusp of major changes in our country and in our world. Wars and rumors of wars are rampant and the global economy is crashing. The video reveals all of the who and what behind these crimes and misdeeds.








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CIA And NSA Wrong Doing Requires Independent Investigation, Says Former Church Committee Staff (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Burt Wides, the former chief investigator for the Church Committee, who helped create the Senate and House intelligence committees, says these oversight bodies are now too entwined with the intelligence agencies; further reason for an independent committee is President Obama will not pursue an investigation into the actions taken during the Bush/Cheney administration’s ‘war on terror’.



Forty years ago, the Senate Church Committee investigating wrongdoings by the CIA, FBI, and NSA was formed. Well, just this week, 15 former members of that committee signed a letter saying there needs to be a new Church Committee into similar wrongdoings. Burt Wides played a major role in the creation of both congressional and White House oversight of U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, and NSA. He was chief of investigations of the CIA for the Church Committee, the first ever congressional investigation of U.S. domestic and foreign surveillance activities.

He also helped create the Senate and House intelligence committees. He ran the president’s Intelligence Oversight Board for Jimmy Carter, served as senior counsel to Congressman John Conyers. He also served as chief of staff or senior counsel to three U.S. senators, including Edward Kennedy.






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Liquifying Suicide Bombers In Baghdad -Ultimate Warfare (Shocking Video)

Politics, Terrorism, War And Conflict, War On terror

(N.Morgan) Lacking the same advanced weaponry of the United States, Iraqi fighters resort to suicide bombing to disable tanks and other US military vehicles. To render a brigade helpless, a suicide bomber, in their sinister actions will evoke chaos and death. American tankers counter these assaults with the deadly “sabot” artillery round.






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They’ve Landed! Russian Naval Infantry In Balaklava, Crimea. March 1st 2014 (Video)

Ukraine, War On terror

(N.Morgan) The footage below is of the Russian Naval Infantry arriving in Crimea. Is this a clear act of war or just some muscle flexing, to let the Ukrainians know they mean business? A way of bullying them into the Russian empire? Seeing this sort of footage reminds one of what could happen here, if things ever reach the tipping point with this regime and the people.






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NSA’s Fake War On Terror- Are You Scared Yet? (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Since 9/11, the tyranny of “terrorism” has slowly crept into our lives and eroded our freedoms, one by one. The regime continues to promote “phony terror” to keep the citizenry off balance. This country is continually bombarded with images of terror attacks or thwarted attacks, thanks to the vigilance of our caring, always observant govt.

Some of the phony terror plots have been:

  • a fake shoe bomber;

  • fake underwear bomber;

  • fake Times Square bomber;

  • an earlier one there;

  • fake shampoo bombers;

  • fake Al Qaeda woman planning fake mass casualty attacks on New York landmarks;

  • fake Oregon bomber;

  • fake armed forces recruiting station bomber;

  • fake bombers;

  • fake Chicago Sears Tower bombers;

  • fake and other building bombers;

  • fake National Guard, Fort Dix and Quantico marine base attackers;

  • fake 9/11 bombers;

  • fake Boston bombers; and

  • numerous others.

On December 12, Obama’s committee released its report. It’s titled “Liberty and Security in a Changing World.” Its handpicked members included:

  • former acting CIA head Michael Morell;

  • former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counterterrorism Richard Clarke;

  • former Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Cass Sunstein; calls him a neocon;

  • Democrat party connected/political advocacy group Center for American Progress member Peter Swire; and

  • University of Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone.

NSA review board’s report

To keep people afraid of constant attack, gives the NSA and this regime power over the people and in the end, complete control. You give up your freedoms for a false sense of security against an imaginary enemy. This country’s worst enemy is the govt. and this regime.



Here We Go: US Navy Will Soon Deploy Laser Gun (Video)

War And Conflict, War On terror

(N.Morgan) In their latest move against any enemy that may come our way, the US Navy will soon deploy a laser gun, that can pin point and take out any airborne vehicles and boats, using an infrared laser. star Wars is coming to life, in the technological world of weapons. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.




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Guess What? You’re The Enemy (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Our government declared war on us after 9/11. The war going on in this country is between us and THEM. The War On Terror, translated really means, the war on the American citizens, who they deem to be a threat and or terrorist. Scary to think that the psychopaths in power are making these judgments against the people. The very people they have sworn to serve, in their elected offices. Our country is in real trouble now and our only defense is to learn out rights and be willing to fight for them. The scandals and conspiracies will only escalate, this is our new world.

Obama, true to Hitler form, has been purging our military of those who will not kill the citizens. Obama is effectively killing our economy by accumulating a staggering national debt, that we have no way of ever getting out of. It is quickly becoming almost illegal to be a Christian, but being a Muslim, you can practice your religion, without being harassed by this regime. Sharia Law is creeping into our legal system and no one is doing a damn thing to stop it.

Lessons of History: Any serious study of History quickly shows that war is a vehicle for a nations leaders to maintain control over their nation-states. And the infamous Iron Mountain Report gave an inside glimpse of how the super-elite criminal Psychopaths running America thought about the need for ongoing war or a suitable state crises to unify the society and solidify their control over society.

Wars are craftily engineered by criminal super-elites who rule nation-states and their advisers. There are various ways very crafty ways for a nations leaders to covertly start wars. The old well established standby is to stage False-Flag attacks and then wage war on the nation state or entity that you have framed for the attack that you did.

  We’ve been made the enemy now. Our Constitution, our one legal recourse, is being shredded by this regime and being downgraded to nothing more than an ancient document that holds no meaning to those in power.

The War on Terror is obviously a Phony. But it has been the greatest boon to the American Defense Complex ever, with many times more net American Taxpayer dollars spent on this war than any other time in history including WW2 or the Vietnam War.

Another way to establish a war is to create and fund so-called foreign terrorist groups. This is a costly exercise that take years and can involve as much work as fighting a war.  Yes, creating terrorist groups is very hard work and very expensive.




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