Texas Tyranny: Man Turned Away From Voting Because Of His 2nd Amendment T-Shirt (Video)

(N.Morgan) A Texas man was denied his right to vote, because of the t-shirt he chose to wear to the polls, a pro 2nd Amendment shirt. The Texas voting authorities cited a Texas law prohibiting electioneering with 100 feet of a polling place. Chris Driskill was on his way to the voting booth when, he said, “I heard a gentleman’s voice over my shoulder say ‘he can’t vote with that shirt on. You’ll have to either turn it inside out our you’ll have to leave.'” Driskill at first thought that his shirt, which read “2nd Amendment: America’s Original Homeland Security,” had offended the polling workers’ politics. “I didn’t quite understand it at first,” he said. “I was thinking they just didn’t like something about the Second Amendment.”

Mr. Driskill offered to put on his coat 100 feet away from the voting booth and cover the shirt and he was then permitted to cast his ballot.


I was surprised this happened in Texas, of all places, but perhaps it’s a bigger sign of things to come. The tyranny that’s just around the corner.