The Shocking Truth About What You Lose When You Sign That Organ Donor Card + Video

by N.Morgan

Many people feel that donating their organs after death is a noble thing and honestly, it is, but before you sign on the dotted line, read what is hidden in plain sight.

Giving away your organs sounds noble, but have doctors blurred the line between life and death? By DICK TERESI

The article below quotes Robert Truog, professor of medical ethics, anesthesia, and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, about the possible pain, felt by an organ donor who has been declared brain dead. Mr. Teresi writes that Dr. Truog “compared the topic of pain in an organ donor to an argument over ‘whether it is OK to kick a rock.’ ” A review of Mr. Teresi’s notes after the publication of the essay reflects that Dr. Truog, when asked whether a donor feels pain, said, “it’s like kicking a rock.” Dr. Truog, however, denies that he used the analogy. “I can tell you in the strongest possible terms that I am certain I never said anything like this.”

In a separate issue, recipients of single-organ transplants—heart, intestine, kidney, liver, single and double lung and pancreas—are charged an average $470,000, ranging from $288,000 for a kidney transplant to $1.2 million for an intestine transplant, according to consulting firm Milliman.

A previous version of this article incorrectly said that average recipients are charged $750,000 for a transplant and that at an average 3.3 organs, that is more than $2 million per body.

The last time I renewed my driver’s license, the clerk at the DMV asked if she should check me off as an organ donor. I said no. She looked at me and asked again. I said, “No. Just check the box that says, ‘I am a heartless, selfish bastard.’”

Doctors don’t have to tell you or your relatives what they will do to your body during an organ harvest operation because you’ll be dead, with no legal rights.

Becoming an organ donor seems like a win-win situation. Some 3.3 people on the transplant waiting list will have their lives extended by your gift (3.3 is the average yield of solid organs per donor). You’re a hero, and at no real cost, apparently.

But what are you giving up when you check the donor box on your license? Your organs, of course—but much more. You’re also giving up your right to informed consent. Doctors don’t have to tell you or your relatives what they will do to your body during an organ harvest operation because you’ll be dead, with no legal rights.

The most likely donors are victims of head trauma (from, say, a car or motorcycle accident), spontaneous bleeding in the head, or an aneurysm—patients who can be ruled dead based on brain-death criteria. But brain deaths are estimated to be just around 1% of the total. Everyone else dies from a failure of the heart, circulation, and breathing, which leads the organs to deteriorate quickly.

The current criteria on brain death were set by a Harvard Medical School committee in 1968, at a time when organ transplantation was making great strides. In 1981, the Uniform Determination of Death Act made brain death a legal form of death in all 50 states.

The exam for brain death is simple. A doctor splashes ice water in your ears (to look for shivering in the eyes), pokes your eyes with a cotton swab and checks for any gag reflex, among other rudimentary tests. It takes less time than a standard eye exam. Finally, in what’s called the apnea test, the ventilator is disconnected to see if you can breathe unassisted. If not, you are brain dead. (Some or all of the above tests are repeated hours later for confirmation.)

Here’s the weird part. If you fail the apnea test, your respirator is reconnected. You will begin to breathe again, your heart pumping blood, keeping the organs fresh. Doctors like to say that, at this point, the “person” has departed the body. You will now be called a BHC, or beating-heart cadaver.

Still, you will have more in common biologically with a living person than with a person whose heart has stopped. Your vital organs will function, you’ll maintain your body temperature, and your wounds will continue to heal. You can still get bedsores, have heart attacks and get a fever from infections.

“I like my dead people cold, stiff, gray and not breathing,” says Dr. Michael A. DeVita of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “The brain dead are warm, pink and breathing.”

You might also be emitting brainwaves. Most people are surprised to learn that many people who are declared brain dead are never actually tested for higher-brain activity. The 1968 Harvard committee recommended that doctors use electroencephalography (EEG) to make sure the patient has flat brain waves. Today’s tests concentrate on the stalk-like brain stem, in charge of basics such as breathing, sleeping, and waking.

The EEG would alert doctors if the cortex, the thinking part of your brain, is still active.

But various researchers decided that this test was unnecessary, so it was eliminated from the mandatory criteria in 1971. They reasoned that, if the brain stem is dead, the higher centers of the brain are also probably dead.

But in at least two studies before the 1981 Uniform Determination of Death Act, some “brain-dead” patients were found to be emitting brain waves. One, from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the 1970s, found that out of 503 patients who met the usual criteria of brain death, 17 showed activity in an EEG.

Even some of the sharpest critics of the brain-death criteria argue that there is no possibility that donors will be in pain during the harvesting of their organs. One, Robert Truog, professor of medical ethics, anesthesia and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, compared the topic of pain in an organ donor to an argument over “whether it is OK to kick a rock.”

But BHCs—who don’t receive anesthetics during an organ harvest operation—react to the scalpel like inadequately anesthetized live patients, exhibiting high blood pressure and sometimes soaring heart rates. Doctors say these are simply reflexes.

What if there is sound evidence that you are alive after being declared brain dead? In a 1999 article in the peer-reviewed journal Anesthesiology, Gail A. Van Norman, a professor of anesthesiology at the University of Washington, reported a case in which a 30-year-old patient with severe head trauma began breathing spontaneously after being declared brain dead. The physicians said that, because there was no chance of recovery, he could still be considered dead. The harvest proceeded over the objections of the anesthesiologist, who saw the donor move and then react to the scalpel with hypertension.

Organ transplantation—from procurement of organs to transplant to the first year of postoperative care—is a $20 billion per year business. Recipients of single-organ transplants—heart, intestine, kidney, liver, single and double lung and pancreas—are charged an average $470,000, ranging from $288,000 for a kidney transplant to $1.2 million for an intestine transplant, according to consulting firm Milliman. Neither donors nor their families can be paid for organs.

It is possible that not being a donor on your license can give you more bargaining power. If you leave instructions with your next of kin, they can perhaps negotiate a better deal. Instead of just the usual ice water-in-the-ears, why not ask for a blood-flow study to make sure your cortex is truly out of commission?

And how about some anesthetic? Although he doesn’t believe the brain dead feel pain, Dr. Truog has used two light anesthetics, high-dose fentanyl and sufentanil, which won’t harm organs, to quell high blood pressure or heart rate during harvesting operations. “If it were my family,” he said, “I’d request them.”


(Photo credit: Nuffield Council on Bioethics)


James Fetzer on the Record with Photos of Sandy Hook: Photos and Video

by N. Morgan

The horrifying tale of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school has been haunted by the truth, which is it never happened.

My own theory is that those poor children became the main focus of the Satanic Rituals that are held by the Elite every year in Colorado.

James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – How We Know Sandy Hook Was A FEMA Drill, Nobody Died, Obama Officials Confirmed It Was an Anti-Gun Propaganda Exercise

James Fetzer: How we Know Sandy Hook was a FEMA Drill for Gun Control where Nobody Died

Dear Mr. President,

The nation over which you currently preside has been subjected to an on-going series of staged shootings, most of which—for maximal emotional effect—have involved the reported deaths of children, none more dramatically than the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown CT, on 14 December 2012, where Adam Lanza was alleged to have killed 20 first-grade children and six adults. But there were boundless anomalies here from the beginning, where even (what would have been thought to be) an innocuous photo of the parking lot gives the scam away.

Notice, in particular, the absence of familiar blue-and-white signage for handicapped parking, mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Because this parking lot does not have such special parking, the school was not in compliance with the ADA and therefore cannot have been legal open in Connecticut in 2012. We have photos of entrances and exits no wheelchair could navigate, including a wooden staircase with a steel rod extending, which could pop out the eye of a little kid running toward the building. Sandy Hook Elementary was not an operating school.

Moreover, because it was a 28*F ground temperature day, the school could not have housed students without heating the building; but there is no heat or steam rising from the structure, no doubt because it appears to have been closed by 2008, the furnaces were rusted out and dysfunction from lack of use. Notice the center rows of cars are all parked facing the school, which violates the driving instructions to turn right, curl around and park facing away. It was just too convenient to bring them in as props in a single line and put them in place, two-by-two.

When I published NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), with fifteen contributors (including six current or retired Ph.D. college professors), we proved the school had been closed by 2008 and there were no students there. One contributor, Paul Preston, who had run drills for school systems as an administrator in the past, was so bother by what he observed being reported that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama Department of Education, all of whom told him that it had been a drill, that no children had died and that it was done to promote gun control. [PBI Emphasis Added.]

The book includes two chapters with 50 photos each, Ch. 7 of furnishing an empty house to serve as “the Lanza residence”, Ch. 8 of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage for the 2-day FEMA exercise, where we even include the FEMA manual as Appendix A. One photo in Ch. 8, Exhibit 26, shows (what we initially took to be) a SWAT vehicle present before the shooting had taken place—which is provable because the windows of Classroom 10, which would be shot out after the event, are intact. The flag is at full mast and, when you track down the staff, Wayne Carver, Medical Examiner, is patiently awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent.

When the book was banned less than a month after having sold nearly 500 copies, I released it to the public for free as a pdf, where anyone can download it to their own desktop by entering the title in their browser.

When reported the ban, they featured Exhibit 26 even more clearly than in the printed book. But it was taken down about 38 minutes later after 178 comments, no doubt because of image credit to CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE, which William Powell had discovered had documented their own participation in the scam in their own files.

Among oddities of the press conference held by Wayne Carver, which James Tracy documented in his brilliant expose thereof, was that they did not allow the parents to see the bodies of their children but instead identified them using photographs. That was a violation of CT protocols but appropriate under the circumstances, since it turns out that the children were fictions who only existed in the form of photographs. “Noah Pozner”, shown here, for example, was made up out of photos of his “older step-brother”, Michael Vabner, which we have confirmed multiple ways.

Kelley Watt had over 100 hours of conversation with “Lenny Pozner”, who purports to be his father and who sent Kelley a death certificate for “Noah” as proof that he had died, which we included in the book. It turned out to be a fabrication, with the bottom half of a real death certificate and the top half of a fake, with no file number and the wrong estimated time of death at 11 AM, when “officially” the shooting took place between 9:35-9:40 that morning. Mona Alexis Pressley has now shown that “Lenny” is actually Reuben Vabner, Michael’s father.

Indeed, it appears that some of the “parents” may have used photos of themselves as children to perpetuate this highly-successful fraud upon the public. Without the complicity of the media and local, state and federal authorities, a scam of these dimensions could not have successfully been foisted upon the public—which continues as “Lenny Ponzer” and other fake parents are deceiving the Court by offering false testimony and concealing their identities in their suits against Alex Jones. Sandy Hook was faux terrorism to manipulate the public and promote the Obama administration’s political agenda.

Reference: “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!”,

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He co-founded with Mike Palecek when they discovered was banning their books. He has published widely on conspiracies, including “False Flags on Five Fronts: Sandy Hook, Boston, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and JFK”, “How to Spot a ‘False Flag’: A Sampler of Representative Events”, and “The Parkland Puzzle: How the Pieces fit Together”, at, BitChute, and other secure sites.

DOC (5 Pages): Fetzer on Sandy Hook Opener

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but believe the perspectives assembled by Dr. Fetzer are so important to the protection of the 2nd Amendment that we have agreed to post a series of Memoranda to the President on this event. Like 9/11 Sandy Hook appears to have been a false flag attack. If the President is to win his fight with the Deep State, he must use the truth about 9/11 and the other domestic false flag events sponsored by Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden to show the American public that most of what they are being told by the government and the complicit media is a lie. This applies as much to Fox News as to Crap News Network — Fox News is pulling its punches and not serving the President or the public as it could.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: Megan Garber of Atlantic — Deep State Shill Attacks Alex Jones on Sandy Hook False Flag Operation

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth!

See Also:

Mongoose: Mind Control History and Applications

What is the Rothschilds End-Game? + Videos

by N. Morgan

The infamous Rothschilds have managed to take over the 4 main categories of society: religion, finance, education, and politics.

So they’ve been outed as Khazarian false converts to Judaism and hold a 1300-year-old grudge of which they’ve managed to gain from a toe-hold to total world domination in 300 years.

I’ve heard the talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and planning 3 World Wars of which the Franz Ferdinand impetus of the third was executed by Saudi nationals on 9/11 (just found out on

They tried to take out the bridges in NY too. Good job FBI! (bad job CIA!!)) and the supposed objective is reducing the world population to 500 million.

As an aside, Vril conspiracies also aim to eliminate all life on earth and institute Satanic underground societies…

I’m of the opinion too that a sample of the Shroud of Turin was taken to sample and splice Jesus’ DNA with Jacob Rothschild & wife, of which David Meyer Rothschild is the fruit.

I’m also of the opinion, amongst others, that he is the designated Antichrist.

The one question to ponder is what is their end game? Extinguishing all life? Lucifer can’t reap souls if there are no souls to reap. DMR espouses the exact opposite in his public endeavors (surprise!) Who knows what the hell (literally) he’s doing in private…

Rothschild and Co

As one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups, we offer a distinct perspective that makes a meaningful difference to our clients’ business and wealth. With a team of 3,500 talented financial services specialists on the ground in over 40 countries across the world, we deliver a unique global perspective across three market-leading business divisions. 

(The statements above was taken from the Rothschild’s very own webpage)

Thor Actor Drops Hammer on Pedophiles! Wow!

By Glenn Canady 

An actor who appeared in the movie Thor (see photo) just dropped the hammer on Hollywood pedophiles!  His name is Isaac Kappy and he just released a ton of information recently on Periscope!   He dropped some BIG names in this shocker!  In my opinion, he’s telling 100% truth here because as he says in the video he welcomes ANY of those named to sue him!   He knows they won’t do it!

He’s asking everybody to get the word out about this!  I’m boycotting every person named here and hope you do too!

This is some really sick stuff and some of these names will rock your world!

I’m not going to tell all the details in this article but he talks about some really big names you all know.    He doesn’t say all of them are pedophiles.  You’ll just have to listen yourself and decide.

The most shocking thing he says is when he said Seth Green has a secret room behind a bookcase!   When Seth showed this secret room to Isaac he said, “This is where we keep the children!”   Huge news here!  Police should be interviewing Kappy right now and if he confirms the information they should go bust down the door and save those kids!

Some of the people he mentions are the following.

Seth Green, Tom Hanks, The Bronfmans, Jimmy Saville, Steven Spielberg, Stephen Colbert, John Podesta, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Spacey and more.

You’ll have to listen to see what he says about them and decide for yourself!

Here are two good websites breaking huge news you should study.  Tons of information being leaked here too!  Get it everywhere!


Benjamin Fulford: Khazarian Mafia Doomed As a Result of Putin/Trump Secret Agreement– Video


Benjamin Fulford releases damaging evidence that the Khazarian Mafia has taken a fatal blow, delivered by President Trump and President Putin. Is this the end of the Khazars?

These days, reading The New York Times and other Khazarian mafia corporate propaganda is like reading Pravda just before the fall of the Soviet Union.  Nobody believes their lies.  Yet even they are being forced to report that the Soviet Socialist European Union is in deep trouble.  That’s because U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed their common enemy is the Khazarian mafia.  They are acting on this in many ways, as we shall see below.

We will return to that, but first, let’s look at two recent opinion polls that show the Khazarian mafia has lost control in the U.S.  The first is an Axios poll that shows 92% of Republicans and 72% of Americans overall believe that “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.”

The other is a Gallup poll that asked Americans what they worried about.  “Global warming” did not register at all, and Russia was at less than 1%, despite a massive, prolonged Khazarian mafia media campaign to promote both these issues as the most important concerns on earth.

This is like it was with Pravda (“Truth”) just before the fall of the Khazarian-mafia-controlled Soviet Union.

The Khazarian propaganda media was also hit with a devastating “truth bomb” thrown by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the press conference that followed his July 16th summit meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.  Putin told the hundreds of journalists and propagandists assembled that “Business associates of [Neocon power broker Bill] Browder have earned over 1.5 billion dollars in Russia.  They never paid any taxes, neither in Russia nor in the United States, and yet the money escaped the country and was transferred to the United States,” and that “They sent a huge amount of money, $400 million, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.”

This truth alone blew up the entire Russiagate campaign against Trump that the Khazarians have been hoping will save them.  However, they will not be saved, because the Khazarians have now fully lost control of the military and intelligence apparatus in the U.S.  Pentagon sources say the Browder information provided to them by Putin will help “destroy Hillary and her cabal.”

Also, the latest high-level defector from Khazarian control is former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, say Pentagon sources.  “Clapper never forgot his military oath and the horrors of military tribunals as a retired Air Force Three-Star General, and threw Obama under the bus,” the sources say.
Clapper’s testimony “may send…




Exciting Changes: We Have a New Look, and it All Starts on 26 July

by N.Morgan

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Lawsuit Exposes Opioid Firm Placed Profits Over People (Video)

by N. Morgan

  • The lawsuit says Purdue violated a 2007 settlement with the state, placing profits over people with a deceptive narrative that claimed its opioids were safer than they actually were.
  • In Tennessee, there were 1,631 overdose deaths in 2016, including 1,186 from opioids, according to the state Department of Health.

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More…

Nashville, Tennessee: A recently unsealed lawsuit by Tennessee’s attorney general revealed that the maker of the world’s top-selling painkiller directed its sales force to target the highest prescribers, many with limited or no pain management background or training.

Citing the public’s right to know, Attorney General Herbert Slatery said Thursday that OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma has dropped its previous efforts to shield details of the 274-page lawsuit in state court. The Tennessee Coalition for Open Government and the Knoxville News Sentinel had also requested that the lawsuit’s records become public.

The lawsuit says Purdue violated a 2007 settlement with the state, placing profits over people with a deceptive narrative that claimed its opioids were safer than they actually were. The lawsuit also says the Stamford, Connecticut-based company targeted vulnerable people, including the elderly.

Purdue did so while relying on continued users and high doses, according to the lawsuit: 104.3 million OxyContin tablets were prescribed in Tennessee from 2008 to 2017, with 53.7 percent of them 40 milligrams or higher. And more than 80 percent of Purdue’s business consistently came from continued users, the lawsuit says.

For example, Purdue called on two providers 48 times after law enforcement told Purdue the pair was responsible for significant interstate OxyContin diversion, the lawsuit says. The company called on another provider 31 times after the provider’s license was placed on restrictive probation related to high-prescribing of controlled substances, the lawsuit adds.

The state’s lawsuit says Purdue kept pushing to sell its products despite a litany of red flags.

“Purdue continued to make sales calls in spite of credible reports of patient overdoses, indictments, adverse licensure actions, a provider admitting he was addicted to heroin, a knife fight outside a provider’s office, muggings over controlled substances outside of a pharmacy linked to a specific provider, a clinic that had no examination tables or equipment, an admission by a provider that he was running a pill mill, a provider changing the name of his practice shortly after he was notified of a state investigation into his practice, a patient being coached in the waiting room about how to fill out intake forms, armed guards in provider waiting rooms, high numbers of patients who purchased OxyContin in cash, high numbers of out-of-state or out-of-county tags in providers’ parking lots, accusations of insurance fraud, choreographed urine screenings and pill counts, standing-room-only waiting rooms, and additional signs of problematic high volume practices,” the lawsuit states.

Purdue has denied claims in lawsuits nationwide over the scourge of opioid abuse, saying it will defend itself. In Tennessee, there were 1,631 overdose deaths in 2016, including 1,186 from opioids, according to the state Department of Health.

Tennessee filed its complaint last month at the same time Florida, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, and Texas brought similar lawsuits claiming unfair and deceptive trade practices.



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