NASA To Dump Toxic Barium, Strontium and Cupric Acid on East Coast (Video)

(N.Morgan) CNN recently reported that NASA had to postpone a rocket launch that was to deploy 10 canisters about the size of soft drink cans, each containing a colored vapor that forms artificial, luminescent clouds.

The reason for the cancellation was due to boats in the area where the payload was expected to fall back to Earth.

The clouds, or vapor tracers, are formed “through the interaction of barium, strontium, and cupric-oxide,” according to NASA.

Since the canisters will be released about 100 miles (160 kilometers) above the ground, the space agency says they “pose absolutely no hazard to residents along the mid-Atlantic coast.”

Sounding rockets have been used for more than 40 years to carry science payloads on missions that last just five to 20 minutes.

The vapor tracers will allow scientists on the ground to view the movement of the particles in the ionosphere, a part of the Earth’s atmosphere that stretches to the edge of space, to learn more about the movement of the air currents at that altitude.

NASA claims these chemicals are not hazardous, yet the launch was postponed because there would be boats in the area where the chemicals were expected to fall.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time that the public was experimented on without their knowledge or consent.

A sociologist and professor at St. Louis Community College made claims that she had discovered the U.S. Army spraying a radioactive substance over the city more than 50 years ago.

Her report was taken seriously enough by two from Missouri to file requests for more information about this claim.

KDSK reported that this revelation is Lisa Martino-Taylor’s “life’s work.” It began, she writes in her dissertation, when a colleague revealed her diagnosis of breast cancer and shared her concern that it could have been a result of the military spraying her school and home area in the 1950s. Martino-Taylor alleges the Army added “radioactive particles” to a chemical it sprayed over the St. Louis area and in Corpus Christi, Texas, and other cities. The Army has not confirmed this, nor does Martino-Taylor have hard proof of a radioactive substance being deposited on the town, but that a substance was sprayed is true.

In the video below, RichieFromBoston discusses his theory on why this mission is highly suspect and may be another Geoengineering experiment on the unknowing public, veiled under the guise of testing the ionosphere.




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Exposing Corruption American Style, Wait Until You See This

(N.Morgan) See something strange or unusual happening, grab your cell phone or camera and catch the story LIVE as it happens.

Be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.


Local governments, organizations and businesses often support financial and procedural abuses, those small every day forms of corruption which add up over time and hurt both the communities and the people.

Big corporations are often hiding actions that the world learns about only when someone stands up and speaks out.

See it, Report it!

Before It’s News needs your support as Citizen Journalists to help expose these every day crimes.

You see so much injustice all around you every day, but you can decide to stop sitting quietly by and take action to change things.

Stand up and show everyone what is going on in your city. At work or at play, your eyes and ears are needed to bring the true news to the world viewers LIVE as it happens.

In March 2016, a coprorate whistleblower received a settlement and watched as the medical device company he had reported to the US Government was found guilty and fined $646 million for a pattern of bribery and kickbacks. Included in the fine, almost fifty percent of the total amount in fact, was a criminal penalty for violating the federal anti-kickback statue which makes this the largest amount any company ever paid for breaking that federal law. SOURCE

In another 2016 high-profile case, Gretchen Carlson, former anchor at the 21st Century Fox (FOXA) unit Fox News, charged her former boss, Roger Ailes, with sexual harassment, setting off a chain reaction with other women deciding to go public with similar allegations. Ms. Carlson settled with Fox for $20 million, and Mr. Ailes lost his job, resigning on July 21. SOURCE

Calling all Whistleblowers, Before Its News will provide you the platform to reach a diverse global audience, expanding your ability to expose the truth.

The word “injustice” can cover many things. Still not sure? Here are some words which mean the same thing.

unfairness, unjustness, inequity, corruption, cruelty, tyranny, repression, exploitation, bias, prejudice, discrimination, intolerance;  a wrong, offense, crime, outrage, atrocity commited against another or group

Now can you see how these acts touch everyone? Be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.

We live in shifting times, where every day an unfolding event close to home or across the world, is impacting our lives. The images and LIVE coverage each citizen reporter captures will shape the view of others, giving them the true facts they need to know.

Have an impact on your community, shape the way the truth is told, become a Citizen Journalist.

By sharing images, posting videos and writing the true story for Before its News, you will be contributing and insuring the real news is being seen and heard.

No more burying the truth, hiding the facts underneath “soft news” that is just slanted political propaganda.

Be a part of the power, be a speaker of the truth, be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.

Have questions or need more information? Contact Before It’s News at  We can help you set up your account, share a list of tools that will help you maximize your efforts in the field when reporting and assist you with information on where the next big event is likely to unfold.

We are the last Frontier of Free Press, won’t you join us?

Courtney C. Radsch is one of the earliest proponents of the political impact of cyberactivism in the Middle East and analysts of Arab media. She defines citizen journalism “as an alternative and activist form of newsgathering and reporting that functions outside mainstream media institutions, often as a response to shortcomings in the professional journalistic field, that uses similar journalistic practices but is driven by different objectives and ideals and relies on alternative sources of legitimacy than traditional or mainstream journalism”.



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She Asked for a Sign From Her Dead Son, That’s When a Miracle Happened (Video)

(N.Morgan) A parent’s love for their children is one that transcends words and is nearly impossible for a parent to try to explain, it’s a bond like no other that humans share with each other.

Marie Robinson endured every parent’s worst nightmare in 2014, when her four-year-old son Jack had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that he tragically didn’t survive.

Although a few years have passed since Robinson lost her little boy, she feels more connected to him now than ever since his death — and she credits a miraculous encounter with a bird.

Little Jack is survived by his mother, father and four other siblings, including three sisters and his twin brother, Liam.

When she visited his grave on April Fool’s Day, Robinson asked him to give her a sign and sat down in the cemetery.

That’s when she saw a little robin.
“He didn’t seem scared at all. He went and sat on a nearby headstone so I got my phone out to film him being close to me and he flew over and landed on my hand,” she said. “He kept looking at me directly in my face and at one point he landed on my shoulder and nibbled me a couple of times.”
Whatever was going on that day in the cemetery, Mrs. Robinson was blessed with a very special miracle that she would not soon forget.

12 Inspirational True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (Video)

(N.Morgan) Current events and the ever changing political climate have made watching the news or reading a newspaper almost painful from all of the negativity and uncertainty that are constantly bombarding headlines.

The discord and strife seem to suck the hope out of everything and make things seem utterly hopeless.

This collection of stories should be a beacon of hope in these stormy and confusing times.

A guiding light of awe-inspiring acts of love, kindness, compassion, and courage and proof that happiness can come after the storms.

The tricky haircut

Reddy Weldon and Jax Rosebush are best friends and these two pint-sized preschoolers wanted to play a funny trick their on teacher.

They wanted to trick their teacher into thinking they were twins, so she wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

There was just one minor technicality that neither of them realized: Reddy is black, but Jax is white.

These two BFFs see way past each other’s exterior color, though.

Jax just wanted the same haircut as his pal, Reddy, so they would look the same.

It’s so sweet to hear such an adorable demonstration of how accepting children can be, especially when we are usually faced with devastating stories of racism.

Party of five


The story behind the ‘Family Wanted’ plea of five Kansas siblings [VIDEO]

It would be considered nearly impossible to be able to find a loving family to adopt a family of 5 children together, ranging from ages 2 to 11.

The children also felt this was an impossible dream, until they reached out to The Kansas City Star to appeal to its readers for a forever home—for all five of them.

The children and the newspaper, however, could have never expected the immediate responses that flooded The Star’s email inbox.

In a matter of a few days, the appeal went viral, garnering over four million views.

The adoption agency working to place the children has since removed the family’s story from its website so it can focus on finding a home from one of the thousands of respondents.

It looks like these kids will have no problem finding their forever home, happily together, as they should be.

An inspiring proposal

Usually stories of cancer don’t have a very happy ending, which makes this next story even more special, since this cancer story ends with a positive outcome.

Jim Koch, an Iowa man whose 54-year-old wife, Lora, was diagnosed with breast cancer, made sure their cancer story had a beautiful twist.

One week after Lora underwent a bilateral mastectomy, Jim re-proposed to his wife.

They had already been married for 26 years.

The loving husband told, “I’ve known Lora as the most selfless person, and as she was going through this rough patch, I really wanted to give a sign and a reminder of love and commitment.”

The youngest daughter of the couple happily took photos of her father’s moving gesture.

Jim reminds us all that true love does exist and will carry you through the darkest of times, in sickness and in health.

A teenage hero

The familiar expression of “being at the right place at the right time”, could’ve been expressed about this next story.

In 2014, a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter named Joseph Chambers heard a loud crash outside of his sister’s home.

Joseph found two cars in what appeared to be a fatal collision, one of which was a police patrol car.

He immediately ran up to the car of Officer Mark Kimsey to see if he was okay.

Officer Kimsey was trapped, but Joseph sprung into action, pulling Kimsey out through the window with another bystander as his patrol car burst into flames.

Maybe it was Joseph’s firefighter training that allowed him to think, and act, so quickly, but it’s certain that he saved a man’s life that day without once thinking about his own well-being.

The town that came together

Imagine you lived in a place in which you didn’t speak the language everyone else did.

Such was life for Muaharrem, a deaf man in Istanbul who uses sign language to communicate. Muaharrem spent every day communicating with people in his town the best he could.

He may have gotten by, but he was imprisoned by his inability to accurately communicate with those around him.

Until one day, when a Samsung ad created for him a new world that he never dreamed would be possible.

As Muaharrem’s sister, Ozlem, walked him through his neighborhood, he suddenly realized that everyone he encountered not only understood his language but was able to use it with him.

Samsung had contracted the locals to learn sign language as a promotion for its new technology for the hard of hearing but ended up giving Muaharrem the best gift he could have received: the gift of communication.

The kids who stole a bachelor’s heart

Pittsburgh Police Detective Jack Mook was a self-proclaimed bachelor who loved the single life and doing what he wanted during his off-duty hours.

He often went to the gym, where he boxed and volunteered his time to teach kids boxing.

He became particularly close to two brothers, who came in almost every week for several years to learn from Mook.

One day, the brothers just stopped showing up and Mook knew something was wrong.

Mook found older brother Josh at his school and he broke down when the boy explained the horrendous conditions under which he and his brother lived in at his foster parent’s house.

Through an emergency appeal, Mook decided to foster the boys, and later went on to adopt them, finalizing the most important chapter in his life in 2014.

Mook insists the boys have changed his life.

The self-proclaimed bachelor is not only the dad of two teenagers, but he’s also happily married and has three step-children—because after his big-hearted story went viral, women were lining up to meet—and marry—this ordinary superhero.

Airport angel

Airports can be extremely stressful, and can be made even more so when the unexpected happens—unless you find an angel on Earth, like one father did.

After trying to check in for an upcoming flight with his daughter, the man was told that his 2-year-old daughter would need her own ticket.

He had mistakenly thought she would fly for free because of her age.

The father was obviously distraught, saying he didn’t have the money, and left the counter to make some phone calls.

That’s when a kind stranger stepped in, approaching the counter to tell the agent she wanted to pay for the little girl’s ticket—all $749 of it.

The appreciative man asked for the woman’s name so he could repay her, but she insisted on remaining anonymous.

The only thing anyone knows about her is what she did that day, thanks to a viral photo of her good deed circulating on Facebook.

An impromptu performance for humanity

Millennials are often regarded by older generations as selfish, but there are a few that break that stereotype.

Three college students in Germany showed the world just how selfless their generation can be through a beautiful video that went viral and has touched the hearts of millions since.

The students surprised a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with a gorgeous instrumental and vocal performance that he originally thought was just for show (it began with one student asking to borrow the man’s bucket to use as a drum)—until they handed him the money they collected from passers-by.

The stunned man wasn’t able to muster up any words as the students walked away, but the look on his face shows that his faith in humanity was restored at that very moment.

Gone, but never forgotten

When you lose a loved one, it can seem like everything about that person is lost from this world.

One woman realized how far from the truth that is after she lost her husband to cancer.

Debora Taylor had started her own battle with cancer four years prior to her husband Hank’s diagnosis, but she fought against it, feeling as though there was some reason God wanted her to stick around.

When her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, Debra knew her purpose was to help him through his own battle.

Sadly, Hank lost his battle with cancer only a month later.

Debora was still recovering from her own treatments and was now emotionally scarred after her husband’s sudden death.

But one day, Debora found a voicemail from her husband that she had never deleted.

The voicemail was of Hank, somewhat agitated on his way home from work but showing his silly side that Debora loved.

She treasured the voicemail until the day she had to switch phone carriers and lost her husband’s message.

Through a rant on Facebook, her previous phone carrier found out her story and was able to walk Debora through the process of retrieving the voicemail so she could once again have a piece of her husband back in her life.

The boy who took a stand

Not much touches our hearts more than children who give selflessly, like one 7-year-old named Quinn Callander did for his best friend, Brayden Grozdanich.

Brayden has cerebral palsy.

Quinn simply wanted to help Brayden walk and move with less pain.

So, he set up a lemonade stand for his buddy to raise money to help Brayden, and the two began selling their delicious drinks outside a local grocery store.

Quinn’s mom posted about his heartwarming campaign on a donation website, hoping to bring in a few more dollars for his cause.

What the family didn’t expect, though, was more than $61,000 in donations to come pouring in, which would help support a much-needed surgery for Brayden later that year.

To think it all started with a small boy, a brilliant idea, and a huge heart.

The babysitter who became much more

Would you be willing to donate an organ to someone you barely knew who desperately needed it?

One young babysitter did, without a second thought, to save the life of a toddler she had known for only three weeks.

Kiersten Miles began babysitting Talia over the summer of 2016 when she learned that the baby would need a liver transplant. Kiersten volunteered to be her donor, no questions asked.

After going through rounds of tests to make sure she was a match, Kiersten learned she could be a donor for Talia.

In January 2017, both girls underwent surgery and are expected to make full recoveries.

Talia’s parents believe Kiersten was placed in their lives at the perfect time to save their little girl, and have since told Kiersten, “I could tell you thank you for the rest of my life every single day, and it wouldn’t be enough.”

Hope for the homeless

Ginger Sprouse is one of those people who wants to do more for the homeless than simply give them a meal.

One homeless man in particular caught Ginger’s attention when he sat in the same spot nearly every day near her cooking class business.

She learned that his name was Victor, and he suffered from mental illness.

He wanted to wait in that one spot every day in the hope that his mother would find him, because that’s where he’d last seen her.

Ginger befriended Victor, talking to him on her coffee breaks and learning about his life, including the fact that he’d been homeless for about 10 years and unable to find his mother for the last three.

In December 2016, Ginger decided to take Victor into her home and started a Facebook campaign, known as This Is Victor, to raise money to help get Victor on his feet.

She gave him a job in the kitchen of her business and even helped him see his mom again.

She has committed to take care and help Victor for the rest of his life.




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California Dams on Verge of Collapse – First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson Reservoir (Live Feeds)


(N.Morgan) In this last couple of weeks all eyes have been riveted on

Oroville Dam, but now attention is shifting south to Morgan Hill and Anderson Reservoir.

Anderson Reservoir is rapidly filling up and over its recommended capacity. The reservoir is only supposed to be at 68 percent capacity, but it is at 100.04% capacity.

Water is being released at 400 cubic feet per second, and into the spillway.

Already officials from Santa Clara Valley Water District have been dumping water as fast as they can from the reservoir, but it simply isn’t enough to offset the water streaming in from all the rain we’ve seen this winter.

That outlet has been fully open since January 9th releasing water into Coyote Creek at the rate of 400 cubic feet per second.

The concern is over the dam’s seismic safety.

The danger would lie in the possibility of a magnitude 7.25 quake on the nearby Calaveras fault.

The water district tells KTVU that is a remote possibility, but one of which they are aware.

That is why they’re working so hard to dump water as quickly as possible.

The California Department of Water Resources suspended overflow from the Oroville Dam after gushing water ripped open a sinkhole in the middle of the spillway.

Engineers assessed the options and opened up a secondary, emergency spillway on Saturday morning was at maximum capacity.

CALIFORNIA DAMS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE – First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson Reservoir



LIVE ALERT: Live Coverage Stream of The Oroville Dam & Spillway

This is a live webcam provided by California Department of Parks and Recreation.
The purpose of this live stream is to provide the public with a place to gather to discuss and share information in the chat.

Live Stream: Oroville Dam Spillway 2-21-2017

The purpose of this live stream is to provide the public with a place to gather to discuss events and share information.

OROVILLE DAM/150 MPH Winds/CA. Mountains

As of 5pm Monday San Francisco had passed the yearly aveage for rainfall. Heavy Rains and Winds Blasting California and Oregon. Flood Waters are Rising as Dam Levels Rise.

Sacramento, CA Radar – National Weather Service of storm activity at 7:32 am PST, on 21 February 2017



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Live Streams: Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent Failure

(N.Morgan) The Oroville Dam is failing and evacuations have been ordered.

The Los Angeles Times reports:  More than 100,000 people were told to evacuate because of a “hazardous situation” involving the Northern California dam’s emergency spillway. At one point, the NWS warned that the auxiliary spillway was expected to fail and could send an “uncontrolled release of flood waters from Lake Oroville.” However, by late Sunday night, officials said the immediate threat had passed because water had stopped washing over the emergency spillway. 

The mass evacuations cap a week of frantic efforts to prevent flooding as the reservoir behind America’s tallest dam reached capacity and its main spillway was severely damaged.

By late Sunday, the crisis at the Oroville Dam eased somewhat, as the water level at the reservoir dropped. That halted water flow from a damaged emergency spillway that officials feared could collapse. But officials stressed that the situation is still dangerous and that evacuations should continue.

A failure of the emergency spillway could cause huge amounts of water to flow into the Feather River, which runs through downtown Oroville, and other waterways.

Gov. Jerry Brown issued an emergency order aimed at bolstering the state’s response to the crisis.
A list of evacuation centers can be found here .

LIVE STREAM- Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent Failure Live Coverage 

Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent Failure Live Coverage – earlier footage

Oroville Dam Imminent Failure (LIVE STREAM) MASSIVE 200 ft WALL OF WATER!

Oroville Dam California Live

Oroville Dam Imminent Failure (LIVE) Police Sheriff & Fire department Live Audio

Lake Oroville Dam Webcam



Clinton Illuminati Ties Investigated and Federal Charges Against Weiner (Video)

(N.Morgan) It was reported yesterday by the Wall Street Journal that former Congressman Anthony Weiner will be facing Federal charges shortly for his less than tasteful sexual antics.

In this latest video by David Seaman, he analyzes the troubling truth behind Pizzagate, which has now been vetted: it’s driven by a pre-biblical secret society’s belief in the efficacy of child sacrifice.

They refer to themselves as Illuminati, but illuminated they are not.

This is their time to be outed and judged by modern society as the evil entity they truly are.