Anonymous: Warning: – #Op Prepare For FEMA (Video)



(N.Morgan) The hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is sending out a warning about FEMA Camps and concentration camps. #Op Prepare For FEMA begins now. Anonymous goes over the camps being staffed and ready for our interment. Prepare now for this action to commence.

Are you ready for what is coming?






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US Economy 2014 Collapse – FED Will Cause Huge Economic Crisis! (Video)

(N.Morgan) The Federal Reserve has been a thorn in this country’s side since its conception. The FED was meant to put us into a financial slavery and now the bubble is about to burst. As the economy and the Dollar go down, the financial vitality of this country is going with it. Jobs are almost non-existent and the unemployment numbers keep rising.

In the video below, Peter Schiff discusses the collapse of the Dollar and the FED’s responsibility for this crisis occurring.




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The Elite Are Running Away From SHTF ! (Video)

(N.Morgan) The Elite are getting ready to leave before the SHTF here with the economy and the political tensions, sweeping the globe. It is only a matter of time before the US looks like Ukraine or Venezuela. The place of their retreat looks like a vacation island of the very rich, go figure.

In the video below, it gives an analysis of the area and island the elites will be running to.



These are the Cook Islands. This is where many elite and their families are going to hide when their sinister plans get to the phase of actual and un-deniable attack on the American people for whatever reason they wish- gun grab, gold-silver confiscation, money, diamonds, etc. Just like when Germany (Nazis) invaded other countries- the same METHOD will be used here.

Some background on the Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand. It comprises 15 small islands whose total land area is 240 square kilometres (92.7 sq mi). The Cook Islands’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), however, covers 1,800,000 square kilometres (690,000 sq mi) of ocean.

The Cook Islands’ defense and foreign affairs are the responsibility of New Zealand, which is exercised in consultation with the Cook Islands. In recent times, the Cook Islands have adopted an increasingly independent foreign policy. Although Cook Islanders are citizens of New Zealand, they have the status of Cook Islands nationals, which is not given to other New Zealand citizens.