Army Veteran Cracks Code To New World Order, Part 1: RFID New Economy PROTEUS Samsung APPLE (Video)



(N.Morgan) Tracking and surveillance have become apart of a hotly debated issue, in regards to RFID chipping and the like. The New World Order’s attempt at trying to get everyone under their thumb and know what,when, and how you are living your life. In the video presentation below, an Army Veteran, who says his name is unimportant, believes he has cracked the NWO’s code to the RFID chipping and surveillance.





 Army Veteran: I have dissected information for years in silence. I never wanted to fall into any “unfortunate bad accidents” because of my involvement with the Government and Military. I can no longer stay silent about the things I see and know to be true. I have been studying for years now. The information that I’m sharing is valid and credible with all of my sources being verified as thoroughly as possible. So please don’t criticize me too much guys… lol. I’m just a messenger of this information that is freely out there for everyone.I’ve included the links below. I have no agenda towards anyone or for anything.The information included in this video is purely educational in nature. The purpose is to spread truth so that Millions of American Families can make proper informed decision in a timely manner. We’re all entitled to that much. God bless and watch with an open mind…

As this Video was uploading I got an urge to do some further checking into Proteus…. Here is what I found.


Gives the definition… Read it and you’ll understand why this link was more confirmation for this video.


This is the FINAL link that I will need to see… Study Eugenics, the Nazis, and Poland/Russia to see how this relates to now. THIS story is one that should live in infamy. It’s an example of the fortitude of one man… He saved 8,000+ just by thinking smart. Amazing…










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