Carter Camp And Perry Ray Robinson (Video)

By Rezinate

A little more about Camp and Ray supported by various excerpts, one of which is related to the adoring propaganda piece for AIM created by PBS.

This blog, as does other blogs, has numerous references to Camp’s contradictory statements related to the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. – the most recent being the previous one “Characterized By A Common Thread”.

All of which can and have been verified, yet some continue to make liars and abettors of themselves in either ignoring what is in front of them or worse, not giving a damn.

I believe many of these same people probably bought into the “apocalyptic” bogus bs making the rounds as Maya  prophecy that a rouge planet known as Nibiru would impact the earth in 2012.

They likewise probably believe Crow Dog is a “chief of chiefs”, Russell Means was a “great American statesmen”, Dennis Banks must really be as ignorant as he professes to be when it comes to the crimes and murders committed by AIM, and poor Peltier really is the “warrior/hero” he professes to be.

“I had to make the decision not to bring in Buddy Lamont until late afternoon after I knew he was killed in the early morning. I had to leave Ray’s life to fight alone in eagle bunker after he was shot through both legs. I did these things to save other Indian lives.”


Carter Camp to AIM Leadership: December 1973 after Camp shot Clyde Bellecourt

“Banks was recorded on a Federal wire in or around 2002 saying that he had Cris Westerman, the brother of Floyd bury him by Wounded Knee Creek after he died in the Wounded Knee Clinic. Robinson’s death is recorded in other testimony and interviews with KaMaook Nichols and Bernie Lafferty who observed conversations by Banks, Carter Camp and David Hill while Ray Robinson lay outside the building across from the clinic . According to an interview by Serle Chapman with Madonna  Gilbert, (Russell&Bill Means sister), and according to Minnie Two Shoes, Gilbert slapped Annie Mae Aquash around at the WNKLDOC legal offices of Atty Bruce Ellison, wanting to know what she (Aquash) knew about Robinson’s death in WK 73. . -Nfic Paul DeMain-


“Over the years, Buswell-Robinson has heard many stories about what happened to her husband. She was told her husband was killed by federally backed vigilantes and another story said he was killed because he was accused of being a federal informant.  She was also told that Robinson entered Wounded Knee at night and was shot for not following an order to report to Dennis Banks. 

AIM member Richard Two Elk told the Associated Press in 2004 that he saw someone shoot Robinson in the knees because he would not pick up a gun and was bothering people in the bunker. AIM leader, Carter Camp, said years later that Robinson had walked away under his own power, seeking medical help for his wounded leg.” 


“Richard Two Elk, a former AIM member, was not interviewed for the film partly because of his first-hand account of the Robinson shooting. “I witnessed the incident when Robinson was shot in the leg and carried away after an argument with some of the leaders. Carter Camp knows that Robinson died after bleeding to death and he has lied about even meeting him.” Camp, an AIM leader interviewed extensively for the film, defends his actions as an instigator of several gun battles during the occupation. Two Elk laments that PBS now appears to be a part of the effort to cover up the Robinson murder in order to “glorify” AIM leaders. “AIM hijacked the legacy of Wounded Knee and exploited it for their own gain. They cashed in and left their fellow Indians behind, homeless and destitute. That should have been part of the story. Another fact not mentioned in the film is that most of the invaders were from outside the reservation. They were not local people with local grievances.”


Verbal Diarreah

By Rezinate


( Lenny’s wondering if he can fit his big butt through the hole that must be in his cell ceiling.. LMFAO! N.Morgan~)

From the spam bin, another cry for attention from SB.

“As the word spreads the smear campaign will begin, cries of foul, etc – got a few in the spam bin from one of AIMs/Peltier’s front men of notoriety.”

Hey not everyone could get the Ed Woods, F.B.I privilege/ red carpet package of unlimited posts with a side endorsement, despite being a CRIMINAL. Maybe I should get down on my knees and beg you to reinstatement me? It worked for him 🙂 ( to get his endorsement).

As far as this new “book” goes, has LBW offered a two for one with Trimbach’s book yet? Has a new youtube promo video appeared yet with the Chanupa on her lap, saying, “I am the True Steward and you need to buy these books? ” I guess Trimbach’s book will ultimately need some company in the $ bins. How about a book tour with the extra added bonus of having pipe ceremonies with genuine ex-agents of the F.B.I? ‘Spiritual” retreats? And to think about how you just slammed Means for writing a book yet you’ll go out of your way to endorse this when you said yourself in the past that you thought she was “delusional” for believing that she was indeed the, “True Steward?” I like what Wallace used to say. “There is no such thing as MY Chanupa, MY Sweat lodge, MY Sun Dance…they belong to the people.” As for the rest, first we had “Jerry’s Kids,” and now we have “Trimbach’s Childeren.” I hope the “kool-aid” tastes good 🙂

By now SB you must have callouses on your knees from being on them singing the praises of AIM and Peltier- wouldn’t do any good here and most likely other sites you have been bounced from.

You’ll have to copy/paste your claimed citation of me saying LBW was delusional-should be easy if it’s true as it will be archived on the blog- which I will allow through, other than that you’re still off the list.

In quoting Wallace what do you have to say about promoting ceremonies or sundances as being Bellecourts, Crow Dogs, or Russell’s?

I’d think by now having consumed enough of the AIM/Peltier kool-aid, and additionally whipping up and distributing your own version you might have developed a taste for something else…..a mind is a terrible thing to waste isn’t it?

Russell’s book(s) should have come with a roll of tp as they amounted to little more than verbal diarrhea, of the pernicious variety.

They remind of the hosts comment made related to Snooki in the ROFL blog- how could she or Means be so wrong about so many things?

You’ve criticized this blog as being limited in reach with a only a handful of readers or followers-if that’s your belief why waste your time? Truth is you know better now – I could list the followers as some blogs do, and I appreciate them, those of the non AIM/Peltier ilk keeping track, but don’t figuring you and others might decide to start spamming them as you are known for.

A two for one might be an idea-maybe the Means books could be offered as a box set… a few years back someone gave me a few books titled “The Wit and Wisdom of”- a series with various recognized names like Albert Schweitzer, Dickens, Gandhi, Twain, etc-maybe something along those lines.

The Wit and Wisdom of Russell Charles Means- maybe not though if both wit and wisdom are the requirements.

Any plans to write a song about Means, or are you waiting for him to return as lightning and strike the White House as he promised?

Maybe a Rap song about him assaulting his one armed eighty year old father in law? Might actually get you on the charts.

I don’t recall anyone “begging” for an endorsement but then you have a unique interpretation of things so if that’s the way you see it I don’t think anyone will be losing any sleep over it.

I might add that if you believe LBW makes such a statement then it can only follow that you believe Fool’s Crow had the original. Would that be correct? My understanding is the pipe he gifted to her was a ceremonial one he employed- perhaps being non indigenous you fail to recognize the difference.

I’m assuming this is the “quote” you cite – try reading it again with the help of a dictionary if necessary. Notice the word “IF” and the expression of my opinion. You asked:

Is LBW ‘traditional,” or “delusional?”

rezinate on September 21, 2013 at 5:26 pm said:

“That’s a question you or others may ask, and up to each to arrive at their own opinion. It is a fact, not a question, as stated by those LPDOC insiders, including an attorney, that Peltier,and you along with his supporters who believe in the myth are. As I pointed out to you previously nowhere have I seen LBW claim she has “the pipe”-if she were to then I would say that is delusional, as she doesn’t my answer to paraphrase the words of an attorney you like to throw around I can therefore logically say she is innocent. Having answered your question and under the guidelines you have proposed I assume being the truth seeking, ceremony attending, praying for everybody person you profess to be, you will now respond to the question asked of you about the LPDOC insider comments characterizing Peltier as a delusional butthead who has bought into the myth and by extrapolation can only include his supporters. What do you make of that-what does it say about the “effort”?”

Some believe the original pipe has degraded and there may only be pieces left, can’t say if that’s true or not but since you like to quote people who say the pipe belongs to the people maybe you can explain why Arvol doesn’t allow access to the one he has and says is the original?

You attempt to make an issue of the pipe which as a non indigenous person you have zero right to, and yet when asked about Crow Dog selling ceremonies you justified it by saying he pays his daughters utility bills-brilliant, would rival any defense offered by Clarence Darrow.

Jerry’s Kids, “Trimbach’s Kids”, and AIM’s KIDs…. maybe you’re one of those twenty eight fathered by Banks – imagine what you could do with that, or even better if Peltier were your father.

In Breaking With That

By Rezinate


I don’t think I’ve “promoted” anything on this site with the exception other sites to visit, that and the truth.

Haven’t offered anything for sale, solicited “donations”, or anything like that.

Not that there hasn’t been anything worthy, just something I haven’t really done.

In breaking with that if the reader will follow the below links they will find information related to a book about Frank Fool’s Crow and a ceremonial pipe written by Looking Back Woman/ Suzanne DuPree that he elected to bestow upon her.

This has a been a controversial point characterized by personal attacks upon LBW and some who seem to have nothing  better to do than present themselves as authorities or feel as though their vested interests elsewhere are threatened.




There are pipes and there are pipes-each sacred in their own right, but also some more than others-the one carried by Looking Back Woman is in my opinion of the latter variety.

The provenance is unmistakeable, and as such should be considered carefully.

During what became known as WK2 The WK museum owned and operated by Wilbur Riegert was broken into, trashed,looted, and set afire by AIM.

Riegert an elder wheel chair bound man was also put of his home so Russell Means could take it over as an “office”.

The artifacts have never recovered and its reasonable to assume they remain in the possession of the thieves that stole them or were sold and now are in private collections.

No doubt AIM would love to get their hands on the pipe gifted to LBW, but that’s something else that ain’t happening and they are left to little more than hurling insults and attempting to cast doubt on this particular pipes provenance while promoting their capitalist “spiritual” advisor Leonard Crow Dog.


So if like to read this would be a better one than anything emanating from the AIM/Means camp.

Seeds Being Sown

I thought about posting this particular blog for something more than a moments passing- my concern was that it might be taken as self congratulatory, which it is not intended to be.

I asked more than one person for an opinion, and though all were supportive I know there will be those who categorize it as such-but then I’ve called a fed, a sellout and all the other bs they’re noted for.

Nonetheless it speaks to a reality and what I believe- something I won’t allow others to dissuade me from voicing.

It speaks to seeds being sown among the tare of lies of deception  AIM has long been known for. Heritages seeds, not the fabricated  genetically modified AIM variety.

Of a global effort and awakening that can and will pay tangible dividends.

No longer does AIM and it’s fabricated versions of all things hold  sway among the global audience, bad news for them -and something every reader whose commented or posted a link in positive fashion has facilitated and should be proud of.

What were once a few stalwart voices in the early days like those of Annie’s  daughter Denise, and Paul DeMain of NFIC has become a ground swell in the  pursuit of justice, and as indigenous people, reclaiming our heritage and traditions.

Others have joined in as the years passed with a longer tenure than mine-they can be found in the recommended sites list and should be recognized and praised  for their efforts.

At the beginning of each new year WordPress sends it’s bloggers a map of where views have originated from, the number of comments, followers, spams, and blogs posted.

Having received this a few days ago I was surprised to see that this blog  has been read in more than a 140 countries and that something in excess of  850 blogs have appeared on it’s pages.

I can only imagine the numbers when combined with those listed as recommended sites to visit-some of which are on fb and can garner huge numbers. Numbers that would make this blogs stats look miniscule, and yet all sharing a commonality of purpose.

Every blog,personal website, or social media forum has contributed to  this effort-and the beast that AIM created is being reined in-well done to all who care about the truth, well done to those who express that belief in comment or conversation.

Confronting and exposing AIM has come into it’s own after decades of suppression  and even arson and murder, something they’re not happy with and are left to such  meager devices as to stage “tribunals” and label any who confront them in pointing out the obvious realities as haters – all in all a desperate and transparent performance.

A page is being turned and the dew is off the pumpkin, there are no more turnip trucks to fall off of. No more are they darlings of a delusional internet, nor with the involvement of various conscientious indigenous media outlets a favored journalistic  pet.

They and Peltier have become caricatures, drugstore Indians spreading their commercial blanket along the internet highway hawking what they would have you believe are the real article-when  in fact there should be a label attached saying made in China,  Lybia, Russia, Iran, or any number of places they have cozied up to chasing the dollar.

Maybe a good housekeeping seal of approval from the CPUSA as well.

“Liberal” journalists may still pander to them but their “social conscience”and “liberal” credentials are suspect when they fail to devote equal time to the murders AIM committed, or the absolute havoc and destruction AIM carried out in WK2.

When they fail to note and report discrepencies -when they ignore both unmarked graves and families whose cries for justice and closure can no longer be ignored even by those who are are hearing or vision impaired.

Would be troubadors, poets, and authors can pen what they will, but it’s becoming about equal access now and an entirely new ball game.

A thought pleasing to me in the context of maybe we can rid ourselves of a pestilence and the toxins from the soil they’ve trod.






Fifteen years ago the Lakota Oyate laid it all out in reference to AIM in their ’99 statement where as elders and the only legitimate leadership said AIM was “nothing”- “wannabe chiefs flying around the country”.

Something the media and delusional fans with stars in their eyes ignored as they clung to a media driven construct of fearless warriors with the best of intentions fighting for the people.

A classic theme-cowboys and Indians, the possibilities have been endless and the mental imagery ala Hollywood permanently embedded in the public minds.

Made it too easy, too tempting for the media not to actually dig in, do the work required of them, and report the facts…ALL OF THEM.

Invaders of WK2 who went on to claim authority in matters of matriarchy, or to say they loved all women as they did a head count of their 28 children from assorted mothers.

It isn’t like there was complete vacuum-people who claimed to have a “red heart” and sympathetic to the “plight” should have known better….they had ample opportunity to.

That statement has been characterized as meaningless in a comment posted in another blog-as if to say that tradition is

meaningless, the words of respected elders is meaningless-of less  value than those of criminals…..of murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and thieves.

The result has been the nations have been dragged through the dirt for over four decades – now as mentioned in the previous blog seeds of truth are being planted in that very dirt, taking root, and coming to fruition…kind of reminds me of that adage if life gives you lemons the best thing to do is make lemonade.

Some people prefer their lemonade sweetened-can’t say what the AIM leaderships preference is, though we know they are adept at making and dispensing kool-aid, but like it or not they’re being served the unsweetened variety accompanied by a slice of humble pie, truly a case of just desserts.