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10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube (Video)

Censorship, Politics, Privacy, Youtube

(N.Morgan) Global censorship may be the next phase in the loss of our liberties. In the video below, are listed the 10 countries so far, to have blocked the beloved Youtube from their internet. Will America follow suit? If so, when ? The best way to stop information is to limit access to where said information can be found.







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Violence Erupts Again In Venezuelan Capital (Video)

Politics, Privacy, Tyranny

(N.Morgan) Venezuela is trenched in protests and violence, like the Ukraine, these countries are taking the situation to the streets and bypassing their   leaders to get the results they want. As the situation escalates, so does the violent clashes between protests and police.

Around 50 student protesters clashed with riot police in Caracas on Monday night as President Nicolas Maduro chaired a meeting billed as a national dialogue for local and state officials in troubled Venezuela. The students threw rocks at police, who in turn responded with tear gas. It’s the latest in a string of anti-government protests that have been staged across the country since February 12, which have left at least 15 people dead and 150 injured.






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Creepy New Govt Surveillance System Links All Cameras Together, Even Knows Who You Are (Video)

Conspiracy Theories, Politics, Privacy, Surveillance State

(N.Morgan) On the surveillance front, a new technology that links all surveillance cameras together to make one huge network, so you can no longer protect your identity from this regime. They are watching every thing you do and know exactly who you are. 1984 has arrived and many aren’t even aware of it yet.

Created by an “independent” company, the new video surveillance system is called TrapWire and is already currently operating, “at every [high value target] in NYC, DC, Vegas, London, Ottawa and LA.” Just like out of the television show “Person of Interest,” the TrapWire unites every accessible camera – within the program – sending video feed to a centralized analysis center.

The TrapWire program aims at being able to identify an otherwise unrecognizable threat. Whether it be a strange parked car, or person acting a bit different, it is said to be able to watch and analyze video determining threats at a higher accuracy rate than several humans.




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