Oath Keepers

Bravo!! Colorado Sheriffs Fight To Overturn Tyrannical New Gun Laws (Video)

    (N.Morgan) In the latest fight to save our 2nd Amendment, Colorado sheriffs have taken up the cause to fight the federal gun control laws, that are trying to sweep this nation. Colorado sheriffs and gun-rights activists seek to overturn gun laws in federal court today. The ongoing fight over this maniac move by this regime has the country in arms, over their firearms. We will not give them […]

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Soldier, ‘We Can’t Trust Each Other, Obama’s Divided Us, We’re Dangerously Close To Civil War (Video)

(N.Morgan) The Obama regime has been the most dividing regime, this country has ever known. I cannot recall a time when even our military people were at odds with each other so much, they may war each other! Our military is being asked by this regime to turn on the very citizenry they have sworn to protect and to betray the Constitution, that they also swore to protect. One must […]

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Police Sheriff’s Organizing Against The Police State And Fed (Video)

(N.Morgan) Sheriff Mack wants to take on the Fed and The Police State head on! We need more sheriffs and law enforcement like him. He knows and respects our Constitution and would defend it with is life. More of our politicians to reflect Sheriff’s Mack commitment to this country! In this awesome interview,Luke Rudkowski interviews fellow activist and author Sheriff Richard Mack. Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham […]

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