To Cover The Purge: US Military Hit With Several Scandals Involving Top Generals & Admirals (Video)

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(N.Morgan) All of these “scandals” have been going on for years, only now they are a big deal to this regime. Why? Well, when Hitler took power, the first thing he did was purge the military and replace those who wouldn’t go along with his plans, with people who would follow his orders. This is just more smoke and mirrors by this regime, to cover their butts, as to why these high military officers are being dismissed.

Chuck Hagel claims he’s concerned about a potential ethical breakdown in the military. Hagel says he’s troubled by revelations over recent cheating scandals in the military. He’s called on top commanders to come up with urgent plans to tackle the rising problem. His comments come days after the U-S Navy confirmed that 30 officers cheated in an exam for nuclear reactor instructors. And just last week, 92 Air Force officers were suspended over cheating in a proficiency test. The U-S military has already been hit with several gambling, heavy drinking and sex scandals involving top generals and admirals.

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