Microwave Mind Control

HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary – Ionospheric Weapons System – World War 3 – Chemtrails (Video)

    (N.Morgan) Ionospheric Weapons Systems are one of the most diabolical and menacing war programs to date. It is a weapon of mass destruction in the literal sense. A weapon so cloaked in secrecy, yet so blatantly used against us and our environment. Mother Nature does not engage in terrorism.  Her ravages are integral to the natural world in which mankind must adapt or die. Insofar as we know, […]

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Microwave Mind Fuk — Are You Being Screwed? (Shocking Video)

    (N.Morgan) Our government has been researching and finding ways to deploy Microwave mind control against us and perhaps the country’s enemies. This diabolical means of controlling the populous without ever being detected.Microwave towers now litter our landscaped and cities. You are hard pressed to be out of sight of one. In the video below, Survivors on Barack Obama’s Targeted Kill List presented evidence of being slowly killed while […]

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