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Jade Helm Ban, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Jade Helm saga has taken yet another unexpected twist, by announcing the media will not be allowed to cover their exercises or faux missions. The extremely controversial Jade Helm 15 military exercise, which is scheduled to run from July 15th to September 15th in at least seven states, including “hostile” Texas, will be entirely off-limits to reporters, according to a military spokesperson. In fact, even the Washington Post was […]

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The New World Order Exposed On CNN!!!! (Video)

        (N.Morgan) In a very unexpected and stunning twist, CNN actually tells the truth about something, the New World Order! CNN has been notorious for its skewed reporting in regards to the Obama regime and all of their antics, now, they have decided to expose some of their Master’s secrets! Watch this stunning video below! I am still shocked that CNN told the truth about anything!   […]

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Operation Mockingbird Exposed: Congressional Hearing Proves The CIA Controls Mainstream Media!!! (Video)

  (N.Morgan) I think most of us knew the media was controlled by this regime. The CIA’s monstrous history of spying, murder, and control, aren’t anything new. However, Mark Dice provides proof to what has been happening. Operation Mockingbird is their latest special ops against he American people. To manipulate,control, and brainwash with propaganda and lies.     More Stories: The True Economics Of The Police State (Video) Cops’ Claim […]

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