Media Hush? Unprovoked Scranton Assault May Be Linked To “Knockout Game” (Video)

Knockout Game

(N.Morgan) Another attack of the Knockout Game, this time in Scranton,PA. where the media is being painfully silent, about this attack.  This “game” reflects where our society has fallen to. The low this society has taken our children down. They are so bored, they have to resort to barbaric games, for amusement?

Acting police Capt. Glenn Thomas said a 19-year-old city man walked along the 600 block of South Washington Avenue about 11 p.m. Tuesday when he was attacked by several people in dark clothing. He was punched several times in the head and face while one man filmed the attack on a cellphone. The attackers took nothing and fled after the assault.

Video HERE

Met by police later that night at Regional Hospital of Scranton, the victim said he thought it might have been related to the “knockout game,” a type of unprovoked assault where an assailant punches a victim for no reason other than apparent fun. The “knockout game” has garnered attention on a national level, though Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano said the city had thus far seemed to have escaped the type of assault.

Police would not term such an assault as anything close to a game. This type of assault might actually be even more serious than other assaults, Chief Graziano said. “When we do arrest the suspects, it’s not going to be a game,” the chief said.

This sort of violence really leads one to believe that this is the way this country is going and the moral fabric has been ripped to shreds. What are our children missing that they must fill that hole with these random acts of violence?



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