Kelly Thomas

Protests In Fullerton Over Acquittal Of Police Officers Who Killed KellyThomas And The FBI To Investigate Officers (Videos)

(N.Morgan) The citizens of Fullerton protested the acquittal of the 2 officers, who killed Kelly Thomas. I was glad to see this! It is a beginning in a long road of justice for Kelly and his family. Protesters blocked Commonwealth had Highland Avenues in Fullerton during a protest Saturday against the acquittals of two former officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas.   The FBI has decided to investigate […]

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They Are Now Licensed To Kill (Videos)

(N.Morgan) There has been a growing outrage over the Kelly Thomas verdict, as there should be. This was a mentally ill man, who hadn’t done anything, was only suspected of committing a crime, which none of the items stolen were found on him. This sets one of the most dangerous and startling presidents in the law and how police deal with us. Mr. Thomas will be going forward with civil […]

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