Protests In Fullerton Over Acquittal Of Police Officers Who Killed KellyThomas And The FBI To Investigate Officers (Videos)

Kelly Thomas, Police Brutality, Police State, Politics, Protests

(N.Morgan) The citizens of Fullerton protested the acquittal of the 2 officers, who killed Kelly Thomas. I was glad to see this! It is a beginning in a long road of justice for Kelly and his family.

Protesters blocked Commonwealth had Highland Avenues in Fullerton during a protest Saturday against the acquittals of two former officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas.


The FBI has decided to investigate the officers who were acquitted, in the beating death of Kelly Thomas. The FBI wants to see if Mr.Thomas’ civil rights were infringed upon. YES, they were! This is wonderful news! There needs to be further investigation!


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They Are Now Licensed To Kill (Videos)

Kelly Thomas, Police Brutality, Police State, Politics

(N.Morgan) There has been a growing outrage over the Kelly Thomas verdict, as there should be. This was a mentally ill man, who hadn’t done anything, was only suspected of committing a crime, which none of the items stolen were found on him.

This sets one of the most dangerous and startling presidents in the law and how police deal with us. Mr. Thomas will be going forward with civil litigation, we can all expect to be guilty, and of we are given the chance, we will have to prove our innocence first.

The disgust and rage we feel, must pale compared to that of Mr. Thomas’s family. His father, a former LAPD officer himself, was livid after viewing the video tape, as his son cried for him. As a parent, hearing those cries must have killed Mr. Thomas to his very soul.

What are we going to do about this? Is this going to fade away,gently into the good-night or are we gonna fight like Hell, to make sure this never happens again? The choice is ours. We are choosing to allow these psychopaths treat us this way.

January 13, a jury acquitted two officers who beat a homeless schizophrenic man to death. On July 5, 2011, Fullerton, California, officers, responding to a tip about car vandalization, came upon a confused man, Kelly Thomas, and attempted to search him. According to the officers, he resisted a search. According to witnesses and video evidence, Thomas apologized and tried to comply.

An officer put on latex gloves, and, according to the prosecutor, an unprovoked beating began. They hit him with batons and tased him five times. They called paramedics, one of whom says the police asked that an officer’s minor injury be treated first. Thomas was a bloodied pulp. Here’s how he looked, lying in a coma, before he died from his multiple wounds, if you can stomach the image. The prosecutor closed his argument with Thomas’s last words:

“Dad help me.”

“God help me.”

“Help me. Help me. Help me.”

I want to leave you with the last words of Kelly Thomas, who grew up around the police and trusted them and ultimately, they were the ones who killed him..



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