Jade Helm

Warning From Our Veterans, Jade Helm Means Martial Law (Videos)

(N.Morgan)  If you want to understand the big picture, just follow these informative videos! In light of all the new information coming out about the military exercise known as Jade Helm, veterans are coming forward and exposing even more of the true horror this event could hold for the United States. In the videos below, you will see all of the evidence pointing to our country being put under Martial […]

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Jade Helm Ban, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Jade Helm saga has taken yet another unexpected twist, by announcing the media will not be allowed to cover their exercises or faux missions. The extremely controversial Jade Helm 15 military exercise, which is scheduled to run from July 15th to September 15th in at least seven states, including “hostile” Texas, will be entirely off-limits to reporters, according to a military spokesperson. In fact, even the Washington Post was […]

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Russian Caller: Jade Helm Is Preparations For Financial Collapse Like Soviet Union In “1989” (Videos)

  (N.Morgan) The internet and conspiracy forums have been abuzz with the prospect of what the Jade Helm 15’s true mission is. A Russian citizen makes a surprise call to the Alex Jones Show and exposes what could very well be the true purpose behind this military exercise on American soil.   The caller claims in the video below that Jade Helm is in preparation for the impending financial collapse and to […]

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