Killing Off Their Own? IRS To Investigate Building Safety After Deaths, Illnesses Of Several Employees



(N.Morgan) In the midst of the already scandal ridden IRS, a new issue has arisen among the employees ranks, employees are getting sick and dying without explanation. The employees of the Oxon Hill Maryland office have been dropping like flies, either with illness or death. None of the employees wanted to speak on camera for fear of losing their jobs and their livelihoods.  Workers are concerned that the building is making people sick. FOX 5 reached out to the IRS and a spokesperson says they have no specific evidence to show the building is unhealthy. But the agency confirms they held a meeting with workers on Wednesday to hear their concerns and the IRS will take other steps.

A written statement from the IRS said in part: “IRS has asked for comprehensive environmental testing and as we receive test results, will brief employees and other tenants of the facility. Tomorrow (July 11), an environmental study will be done at the facility, testing air quality and other samples from inside and outside the building as well as the HVAC system.” One man told FOX 5 he has only been working in that building for a couple months, and in that time, three people have died.



Although many of the workers in that building are very worried and one even called us to notify FOX 5 of the problems, none of the current IRS employees were willing to talk on camera, saying they fear retaliation and worry they could lose their jobs.








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