Martial Law And A Would Be King (Video)

    (N.Morgan) When Senator Barack Obama told his adoring followers that when he became president in 2008 he would “fundamentally” transform America, he meant it with every fiber of his being. He has definitely changed the face of this once great country and is well on his way to making it of 3rd world country status. He has taken the Constitution and tossed it aside, bypassing congress, issuing insane […]

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Obama Can Get Anyone Murdered, Pilot Confesses (Shocking Video)

    (N.Morgan) If you were ever in doubt about Obama and his regime’s intentions towards the US citizenry, this will resolve any conflicts you may have had. In this interview, a pilot confesses that Obama can and will have anyone murdered at anytime and that there’s always someone who will do his dirty work. You can be sitting in your home eating dinner and the next thing, be blown […]

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Benghazi: Busted Once And For All! (Video)

    (N.Morgan) The nightmare terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi has finally been proven an out and out cover up by the Obama Regime. Our president and his cohorts left 4 of our men to die horrible, brutal deaths. This regime has continually lied and made up stories about the event that occurred that night and their own emails have now outed them. This attack was a coordinated […]

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