The Agenda To End All Agendas: New World Order – We Are Approaching The Most Dangerous Time In History (Video)



(N.Morgan) As our world is going down in flames, the economy is failing, our political system is collapsing and at the end of it, is the basic agenda is making us slaves. The oppression they wish to impose on us is so severe that freedom will be a lost and fond memory. They want it all and they want us at their feet, begging for any morsel of food, water, or any of the necessities for life. The regime is going full force and pushing these agendas to the hilt. The Ebola outbreak may not have been just an accident or a coincidence, but a planned biological event.









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Mapping The Border Crisis – FEMA Camps And Holding Centers (Video)



(N.Morgan) The border crisis occurring in our country is quickly becoming an exodus of disease, chaos, and a lack of political leadership. In the video below, we can see where the FEMA camps and holding centers in the south. These locations will shock and surprise you, in some cases. I was shocked to see some here in Pennsylvania.  The crisis has come to an epidemic proportions, as children and so called children flood our borders. This orchestrated influx is a direct result of a lax immigration policy and a president who has dropped out of his presidency.







The Daily Caller reported:


The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon, shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014.


But the number of migrants who cross the border in so-called “family units” has spiked five-fold to 55,420, according to the border patrol’s data, which came out amid a storm of news about the shoot-down of a Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine…


In the Rio Grande area where most of the migrants are crossing the border, the number of so-called “unaccompanied children” was actually outnumbered by the inflow by adults, parents and children in “family units,” according to the data.





The crisis is deepening with each day. More immigrants flooding in without regulation and the regime doing nothing to stop or help this situation.










To view these locations for yourself please go:


Climate Viewer 3D










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David Icke – ISIS Creation Of The CIA – Destabilization Agenda (NWO) (Video)



(N.Morgan) The Elite’s agenda for humanity has been proven to consist of genocide, slavery of the masses, death, and destruction. They create terror, such as ISIS and the FBI/CIA is notorious for this tactic in Manufactured Terror. The immigration influx is yet another part of the complex game of the Elite’s to flood the country with socialists, to complete ruining the economy and causing more mass illness with the foreign diseases being brought in.In the video below, David Icke discusses the Elite’s agenda, terrorism, ISIS, war, and the EndGame.














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Martial Law And A Would Be King (Video)



(N.Morgan) When Senator Barack Obama told his adoring followers that when he became president in 2008 he would “fundamentally” transform America, he meant it with every fiber of his being. He has definitely changed the face of this once great country and is well on his way to making it of 3rd world country status. He has taken the Constitution and tossed it aside, bypassing congress, issuing insane executive orders and taking on the part of an all around dictator, rather than the leader of this country. Our government has now become a lawless entity, ignoring common law and terminated our rights as free citizens. Obama and his cronies orchestrated a massive influx of illegal, illiterate, gangster-type thugs from Central America and Mexico to enter the U.S. and then when the pawns started pouring in, our Commander-In-Chief feigned shock at the situation.


Naturally, the duped, liberal media plays along, trotting out photos and stories of tiny children who purportedly walked thousands of miles to reach freedom, which of course pulls at the heartstrings of unsuspecting and caring Americans. But it’s all a slight-of-hand trick because Obama doesn’t care one iota about any of these indigents. Quite the contrary, his entire goal was to systematically redistributed hundreds of thousands of illegal destitutes throughout the continental U.S., not for humanitarian reasons, but for the singular purpose of overwhelming states’ infrastructures and siphoning critical monies from public coffers.





If Obama can use these poor foreigners to spread disease, poverty and illiteracy, then he will have succeeded in taxing our recently socialized healthcare system, welfare system and school systems into oblivion. This was a deliberate scheme on his part to destroy what’s left of our economy and deplete our public utilities and law enforcement capabilities to the max. People can already see the toll this influx is taking on federal border patrol officers who can no longer focus on the job of patrolling the border because they’ve been re-tasked with the care taking of illegals. Consequently, state and local law enforcement officers are filling in the void to monitor border operations, while leaving the public and citizen neighborhoods completely unprotected. It’s only a small step to predict that families in unprotected areas will have no option but to fend for themselves, with the potential of causing vigilante groups to spring up and take on the mission of local, community law enforcement.



If this clever plan doesn’t infuriate the legal American public, nothing ever will. But if – God forbid – it does churn the public into action against the feds and illegals, I believe Obama will jump at the chance to invoke martial law and that would open the door for him to remain in office indefinitely. Because goodness knows, you can’t have a legitimate election if martial law is in force. Obama will set himself up as a temporary ruler and suspend all other governmental actions. Governor Rick Perry did exactly what any governor worth his/her weight should do. He called up a portion of his National Guard troops and sent them to the border to assist in halting the flood of intruders. In Arizona, we’re still waiting for definitive action from Governor Jan Brewer, who shows no sign of protecting her own citizens from the unbearable onslaught of illegals.









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Border Patrol Agent Exposes Immigrant Surge Asymmetrical Warfare – FEMA Preparing For 200 Million Deaths (Video)



(N.Morgan) In the immigration reflux this country is experiencing in Texas and the southern border, the diseases, public safety, and country security are left at risk. This was an orchestrated plan to cause mass chaos, confusion, and economic collapse.Retired border patrol officer, Zack Taylor, says the immigrant surge has all the hallmarks of asymmetrical warfare, which seeks to destroy the infrastructure of a nation from within. We must have an informed electorate which understands the dangers of this manufactured illegal immigration crisis. In the circumstances of this, people are disappearing at an alarming rate.










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