The Most Important and Censored Stories of 2016 That You Never Heard About (Video)

(N.Morgan) 2016 will go down in history as the year internet censorship was fully launched.

Targeted censorship that was designed to hide some of the most vital stories of the year, to keep the masses in the dark about the true issues taking place in our country and globally.

“It is impossible to fully measure the impact the failure of the press has had on society. How many thousands, or perhaps millions, of  lives would have been saved if the press had done its job instead of ignoring or covering up the problems.” -Dr. Carl Jensen, co-founder of Project Censored (1929-2015)

In the video below, Global Research does a Year in Review, in which they discuss the stories we all missed, due to politically skewed censorship.

Our first guest, Andy Lee Roth, is the Associate Director of Project Censored, a media research program which fosters student development of media literacy and critical thinking skills as applied to news media censorship in the United States. 

Every year, PC releases its picks of the most censored news stories of the previous year. Roth provides an overview of the Top 25 most censored stories of 2016 in our first half hour.

We next hear from John Schertow, founder and lead editor of Intercontinental Cry, an online media source of news of worldwide Indigenous struggle and resistance.

Schertow shares his picks for the most under-reported stories involving Indigenous peoples.


History Changer: Oldest Writing System in the World Found to Predate Ancient Sumerian Text (Video)

(N.Morgan) It has been discovered that the Danube Valley Civilization script is the oldest writing in the world and predates the Sumerian Writings in Mesopotamia and the Dispilo Tablet. Although the Danube Valley civilization isn’t nearly as famous as other ancient cultures around the world, is it one of the oldest civilization to exist in Europe, developing from around 5,500 and 3,500 BC in an area known today as the Balkans, a vast area of land that stretches from Northern Greece to Slovakia (South to North), and Croatia to Romania (West to East).

The Danube civilization was found to be one of the most influential and important cultures in south-eastern Europe, being among the first civilizations to develop copper tools, advanced architecture, including two-story houses, design and production of furniture, and most importantly a writing system. All of this occurred while most parts of Europe were in the Stone Age, and advanced development was nowhere to be seen. This ancient civilization from the Balkans developed unprecedented skills like weaving, leather processing, clothes manufacturing and they invented the wheel.

Nevertheless the most prominent feature of the Danube Valley Civilization is without a doubt, is the controversial written language they invented. Many archaeologists believe the Danube Valley script isn’t a written language but a collection of geometric shapes, others believe that this is one of the first writings systems to ever appear on Earth. In fact, if this theory is proven to be accurate, it would mean that it is the oldest written language ever found on Earth, predating the well-known Sumerian Writings in Mesopotamia and the Dispilo Tablet which according to researchers dates back to 5360 BC.

As reported by Harald Haarmann, who is a German linguistic and cultural scientist, currently, vice-president of the Danube script predates the Sumerian writings and should be considered as the oldest writing in the world. The inscriptions in the tablets found from the Danube Valley Civilization date back to at least 5,500 BC, and the mysterious symbols that make up the written language are yet to be deciphered.

The symbols seen on numerous tablets from the Danube civilization are also called the Vinca symbols and are found across multiple archaeological sites across the Danube Valley areas. The symbols have been found to be recorded on pottery, figurines, spindles and other clay artifacts.


Danube Valley Civilization Script Is The Oldest Writing In The World [Video]

A History Changer

The fact that the writing system developed by the Danube Valley Civilization is the oldest in the world is definitely a history changer. Not only is there evidence to support this theory present on clay tablets, but researchers have found thousands of artifacts with the Danube Valley Script on countless figurines. To date, researchers have found approximately 700 different characters in the Danube Valley Script, a number similar to the characters used in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Despite the fact that mainstream archaeologists suggest these symbols are not a writing system but mere decorations comes from the same inability to explain other findings across the globe. It seems that every time, something that challenges mainstream views on history and development of the human race is found, mainstream scholars close their eyes and decide to ignore it.

Yet there are scholars who also suggest that the Danube Valley Civilization actually copied the symbols and writing system of Ancient Mesopotamia, claims that are absurd when you realize that some clay tablets from the Danube Valley Civilization are older than many clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia.

If anything, this incredible ancient civilization surely deserves a more appropriate study and scientific approach, one which could teach us a thing or two about ancient civilizations on Earth. Haarmann’s proposal deserves a better look at what could prove to be one of the most important and controversial ancient civilizations on Earth.


March Of The Titans

A 1,000 Years In The Making, Secret Cave Revealed To Public (Video and Photos)

(N.Morgan)  China’s history is long and rich known for its abundance of art and culture.

Evidence has shown that this long history spans all the way back to prehistoric times.

Every year there are more amazing archaeological discoveries made about this ancient and mystic land.

The most recent discovery is a temple which is believed to have been erected during the the 7th century Tang Dynasty.

The rise of the Tang dynasty in China mirrored the rise of the Han over 800 years earlier.

Like the Han dynasty before them, the Tang dynasty was created after the fall of a ruthless leadership.

And like the Han before them, the Tang dynasty had their own powerful leader, Emperor Tai-tsung.

The decision was made for the cave to be opened to the public for the first time in a 1,000 years.

The cave was sealed to protect the precious contents inside and to preserve the history found within its walls.

The temple’s grand opening took place on March 10th.

This remarkable temple is made up of a astonishing 2,300 caves which are all connected in this magical place.

As if the enormity of the cave wasn’t mind boggling enough, it is also believed to possess 110,000 statues and artifacts in its depths.

Historians were able to date which dynasty by the artwork they discovered.

Sadly, many of the caves were damaged from China’s Cultural Revolution that took place between 1966 and 1976.

The Fall of the Golden Age – The Tang Dynasty

However through tireless work and dedication, many of the caves have been restored and are almost ready for the public to view.



New Madrid Shakes On Anniversary Of Monstrous Murder



(N.Morgan) The New Madrid Fault Line has been a major concern to seismologists and researchers alike. If one big quake were to occur, it could set off a chain reaction that could be devastating to the US. Some rather odd activity occurred there recently on a terrible anniversary. “The dismemberment of [Lilburn Lewis’ slave] George’s decapitated corpse was interrupted by the most powerful U.S. earthquake ever recorded, the Great New Madrid Earthquake, which struck at 3:15 a.m. Eastern time (2:15 a.m. in the Central Standard Time observed in the western Kentucky locale of the murder). Lilburn intended to destroy the evidence by having the slaves burn George’s dismembered body, but the New Madrid earthquake caused the chimney to collapse around the fire.”




A little earthquake shook the New Madrid, Missouri region today at three minutes ’til noon Central Standard Time, the epicenter is described here as “Lilbourn, Missouri”–




One person reported at the USGS website that the earthquake at noon today was felt–



Spelled differently, that name Lilbourn/Lilbourne/Lilburn/Lilburne figures prominently as the name of Thomas Jefferson’s nephew accused of murdering a teenage slave 203 years ago (29 times seven years) tonight, December 15-16, 2014.


The names Lilbourne and Lilburn are villages in England which will be where the surname comes from. The name means ‘stream where the lillies grow’.,_Northumberland,_Missouri

“Lilbourn is a city in New Madrid County, Missouri, United States. The population was 1,190 at the 2010 census.”










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The Seraphic Society Exposed: Women Of The Illuminati (Video)



(N.Morgan) Another branch of the Illuminati tree is the women, who are usually not mentioned very often. These women are the assistants or secretaries, the ones whom no one pays attention to, but who are, the most dangerous in the society. The Seraphic Society (.pdf); a secretive club of assistants to high profile CEO’ and membership is by invitation only.

An interesting article I came across that gets to the heart of the working relationship between a high profile CEO and their assistant. Like the CEO, the CEO’s assistant position can be just as lonely since you’re privy to the confidential information and company “goings-on” well in advance of the other assistants and employees as a whole.














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The Fall Of The World Part I – Illuminati New World Order, Martial Law, Armageddon (Video)



(N.Morgan) Many people are still blind to the fact that we are at such a dangerous and dark time in our world. The governments have turned against their people and the villainous plans of the NWO are being used against us in every way imaginable. Many do not see what is right in front of them, screaming for their attention. Screaming for change and direction.



In the video presentation below, the dark times of the economy, politics, and the New World Order coming into being are discussed.



It is time to awaken from that slumber called denial and wake up to the fact that we are now enemy #1.









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Is The Quest For The Holy Grail Finally Over? (Video)



(N.Morgan) A recent discovery has turned the archeology world on its head! They may have found the Holy Grail the goblet Jesus and his disciples drank from at the Last Supper. Could this be the very cup that touched Our Lord’s lips? In their newly published book “Los Reyes del Grial” (“The Kings of the Grail”), medieval history lecturer Margarita Torres and art historian José Miguel Ortega del Rio claim the Holy Grail rests inside the Basilica of San Isidoro in the northern Spanish city of León. The historians say that a three-year investigation led to their conclusion that the hallowed cup that Jesus Christ supposedly drank from at the Last Supper and that was used to collect his precious blood is a jewel-encrusted goblet that has long been known as the chalice of the Infanta Doña Urraca in honor of the daughter of King Ferdinand I, ruler of León and Castile from 1037 to 1065.



The chalice, made of gold and onyx and sprinkled with precious stones, is actually two goblets fused together, one turned up, the other down. Torres and del Rio say the upper half is made of agate and missing a fragment, exactly as described in the Egyptian parchments. The co-authors report that scientific dating has placed the origin of the cup between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D. As the Irish Times reports, the co-authors concede they cannot definitively prove that the chalice actually touched Jesus’s lips, only that it is the vessel that early Christians revered as the one used at the Last Supper. “The only chalice that could be considered the chalice of Christ is that which made the journey to Cairo and then from Cairo to León—and that is this chalice,” Torres told the newspaper. Since the book’s publication last week, the basilica has been inundated with visitors, forcing curators to remove the relic from display until they can find a larger exhibition space to accommodate the crowds.




My only dispute with this claim that this is the chalice Our Lord drank from, is that He and his disciples were poor and the cup was probably a plain, wooden vessel, like the one pictured above. So could they have really found the grail? Or is this another mistake?







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