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Is The LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video Released by the FBI Fake? (Video)

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(N.Morgan) After watching the video below, you will see the video footage released by the FBI of the LaVoy Finicum murder is an reenactment of the events of that day. The date listed on this video is wrong, it says the 27th, rather than the 26th when the shooting occurred.

The FBI claimed this was the unedited version, but there are frames you can tell that isn’t the case. They are hiding what really happened to LaVoy that day. This is yet another testimony to how this regime operates and how little our own gov thinks of its people. we are expendable to them.

Video HERE

This photo taken from an FBI video shows Robert "LaVoy" Finicum after he was fatally shot by police Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 near Burns, Ore.  A video released Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 by the FBI of the shooting death of a spokesman for the armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge shows the man reaching into his jacket before he fell into the snow. The FBI said the man had a gun in his pocket. (FBI via AP)


Eyewitness Describes Lavoy Finicum’s Death on Road to Burns Oregon (Video)

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(N.Morgan)  What the mainstream media is reporting does not come remotely close to what really happened, just skirts the ugly truth of the incident.

This was a fully planned and fully armed government ambush. These patriots were lured into believing they could safely travel from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and easily return, a clear setup. Now one of these patriots is dead, another wounded and others arrested. We have all watched the preparation moves of the feds as they Government planned their interception move and readied the local Harney County Hospital for the tight lockdown they would be placing on the facility immediately after this shootout occurred.


As reported by CNN: Everyone obeyed orders to surrender except for two individuals in the stopped vehicle: LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy’s brother, Ryan Bundy, the official told CNN.

Shots were fired, but it is unclear who fired first, the source said. Ryan Bundy was wounded, but Lavoy Finicum died at the scene from his wounds.

According to the eyewitness, neither LaVoy nor Ryan were armed at the time the group of patriots were stopped in their vehicle, and both surrendered promptly along with the other passengers. This peaceful action did not protect them from the hail of bullets the feds focused on the patriots which resulted in Ryan Bundy being injured and Lavoy Finicum being killed.


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Warning From Our Veterans, Jade Helm Means Martial Law (Videos)

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martiallaw2 (5)

(N.Morgan)  If you want to understand the big picture, just follow these informative videos!

In light of all the new information coming out about the military exercise known as Jade Helm, veterans are coming forward and exposing even more of the true horror this event could hold for the United States.

In the videos below, you will see all of the evidence pointing to our country being put under Martial Law and a complete police state.

Our country is at the edge of some major events and they all seem to revolve around the Jade Helm exercise.

The evidence is mounting about what the government is really up to and what their true intentions are.

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Charleston Shooter Is Actor US Marine Crisis Actor As Jade Helm Stipulates (Video)

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(N.Morgan) There’s been tons of speculation in regards to the Charleston shooting rampage.

Was this another False Flag to distract and terrorize the masses?

What would be gained from such an event?

In this video you are about to watch, you will see hard core evidence that the shooter is really 33 year old John Christian Graas, Hollywood child actor and US Marine aviator as of 2010 and on US Marine register as of 2013.

shooters (4)

More with Video http://bit.ly/1K7JbMz

Sandy Hook: The Horror Story Continues: Proof Of Foreknowledge – Rare Deleted Photos (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The Sandy Hook hoax continues to grow, as more people awaken to the fact they were had by a tyrannical regime Hell bent of disarming them and using fear to do it. Using our most precious commodities against us, our children. In the video below, you will see, for the first time, in some cases, photos that were deleted by the authorities, without any reason given, other than they are very revealing in nature and blow their official story out of the water. From Stackpot: Ok, the main feature in today’s double feature is very serious look into the catalog of wire photos published by AP and other news sources, that predate the events of the Sandy Hook Shooting. Pictures posted on the internet of victims, before they were victims. Most veteran truth seekers have seen at least some of these pix before, probably not all, but it’s the entry level inquisitors that need to see this, so please share and show it to the newbies.











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Boston Police Say Residents Do Not ‘Need’ To Own Shotguns, Rifles (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The 2nd Amendment is our one protection against tyranny and oppression. Our Fore Fathers understood the importance of being able to freely own and use firearms. Now, the Boston Police Commissioner has stated the citizens have no need for rifles or shotguns in the city. Our fundamental right to own firearms are now being infringed upon by gun grabbing police. The one way to quickly subdue a society, is to take their guns. Look how well it has worked in Chicago so far. I find it incredible that the police and other authorities seemed to be under the naive belief that if they outlaw guns, that criminals will respect said laws. Boston’s top cop made that statement Wednesday on Boston Public Radio in response to Massachusetts state senator Stan Rosenberg’s position that there are already “sufficient controls” on long guns at the federal level, giving no need for new state laws that grant police additional powers to deny ownership to citizens.



 Boston Police Commissioner William Evans stated,” Having long guns–rifles and shotguns–especially here in the city of Boston. I think we should have, as the local authority, some say in the matter. [And] the federal [government] doesn’t really allow us to have the discretion that we want in these particular cases. For the most part, nobody in the city needs a shotgun. Nobody needs a rifle.








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Sandy Hook Hoax Mass Evacuation Exposed: Sandy Hook-Proof Of Evidence Tampering – Based On Their Own Report (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In another sinister twist in the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax saga, it is now clear that there was indeed evidence tampering and is admitted in their own report! With all the events going on in this world, how could anyone still be talking about Sandy Hook, you may ask? The “Sandy Hook Shooting” is a MAJOR issue of corruption that runs through a whole state’s police departments, its government, mainstream media, and also includes our federal government all the way up to our country’s Attorney General and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.The event has brought in, to date, an estimated $100,000,000.00. Our government keeps pouring in our tax dollars, the latest was a federal grant from the DOJ given this spring of approximately 7-8 million, for families and first responders. We still see those parents and families of the slain in ads, being interviewed, giving speeches, and in the news touring the country and Capitol Hill pushing for donations and gun legislation.




No lawsuits, not a one, has been filed on behave of the people who lost their lives that day or the surviving victims. Never mind that normal disaster response protocols were not followed although the drills conducted by Homeland Security are going on regularly all over the country. That community had been involved with several drills practicing for just such an event, with one such drill being held in Newtown with the infamous fire station involved, just one to two years prior to December 14, 2012.





(See more at: http://www.insanemedia.net/follow-the-money-part-4/4837#sthash.1QZy5iuG.dpuf)



The official report was finally released to the public domain in November 2013. Many researchers felt that they could finally get some of the many questions related to numerous aspects of this event answered. That didn’t happen. The investigative report included an 11,000 page data dump, the largest such data dump in US history, with no table of contents, no indexes, no references, nothing to help one go to a part of the report in this massive data to find answers.









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New World Order Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest (Video)

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(N.Morgan) As our country and our world are crumbling into chaos, war, and economic despair, the New World Order is prepping for mass civil unrest. They have militarized our police forces and given them order to Kill at Will. We are seeing this tactic now in our everyday lives, with more and more citizens being abused or murdered by police. Are you ready for the impending implosion of this mass operation? RFID Chip Implants have begun! Martial Law preparations have Begun! Spread the word with everyone!











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Happy Independence Day! Draconian Bill Would Allow Police To Confiscate Guns Based On Accusation Alone

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(N.Morgan) A new and horrifying twist to the Obama legacy is a new bill introduced in California, that would make it legal for police to confiscate your guns on mere accusation and assumptions! Our 2nd Amendment is being thrown to the wolves, with this draconian gun control bill. The Bill is set to be voted on by the California legislature would allow police to confiscate a person’s firearms solely on the basis of an accusation made against the gun owner by a family member or a health professional. AB 1014, authored by Assembly members Das Williams and Nancy Skinner, would create ‘gun violence restraining orders’ that would allow police to proactively confiscate firearms and hold them for one year with no due process merely based on an accusation made by an immediate family member, a law enforcement officer or a health professional.




This bill would allow a search warrant to be issued when the property or things to be seized are a firearm or firearms or ammunition that is in the custody or control of, or is owned or possessed by, a person who is the subject of a gun violence restraining order and who is presently known to have in his or her custody and control or possession, or to own a firearm or firearms or ammunition,” states the bill. The accusation against the individual has to meet the standard of evidence, “to believe that the subject of the petition poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having under his or her custody and control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm,” states the bill, although the nature of this evidence is not properly defined.

The bill has drawn fiery criticism from gun rights advocates who see the legislation as an onerous assault on the Second Amendment. “If for example, person A goes to a judge and files a complaint about person B, person B can have his/her guns and gun rights taken away without any idea why or even have the chance to plead their case. Only after law enforcement searched person B, their family, friends, place of work, and anywhere else police might have thought person B hid guns would that person have the right to defend themselves. Guilty until proven innocent,” writes Yehuda Remer. “This bill goes too far,” Sean Doherty of California Assn. of Federal Firearms Licensees told a Senate panel. “AB 1014 shreds the right of privacy and right of property that has been jurisprudence for decades.” Even David Warren, of Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (a group that normally supports gun control legislation), spoke out against the bill, stating that it had “significant constitutional deficiencies” and would not be enforceable.

Having been passed by the California Senate Public Safety Committee, the bill now heads to the legislature for a full vote.








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