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Eyewitness Describes Lavoy Finicum’s Death on Road to Burns Oregon (Video)

(N.Morgan)  What the mainstream media is reporting does not come remotely close to what really happened, just skirts the ugly truth of the incident. This was a fully planned and fully armed government ambush. These patriots were lured into believing they could safely travel from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and easily return, a clear setup. Now one of these patriots is dead, another wounded and others arrested. We have […]

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Warning From Our Veterans, Jade Helm Means Martial Law (Videos)

(N.Morgan)  If you want to understand the big picture, just follow these informative videos! In light of all the new information coming out about the military exercise known as Jade Helm, veterans are coming forward and exposing even more of the true horror this event could hold for the United States. In the videos below, you will see all of the evidence pointing to our country being put under Martial […]

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“First They Come For The Homeless”

(N.Morgan) In some of my previous articles, we have discussed the ongoing issue of the homeless in this country being harassed by FEMA and shipped off to FEMA Camps and jails across the United States. A trial run of sorts to see who will tolerate incarceration against their will. Our most vulnerable, our most dependent, citizens are carted like sheep to slaughter, all an ugly part of a more sinister […]

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Denver’s Homeless Round-Up-FEMA Camps Hidden Behind Humanitarianism

    (N.Morgan) As I’ve discussed in previous articles, the homeless are being rounded up and put into “shelters”, AKA FEMA Camps, by a regime who believes it is in their best interests and the best interest of society as a whole. This twisted thinking has led to the tyranny of the already down trodden souls, to be forced into facilities against their wills. It may seem that is a […]

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The New World Order And The Executive Order

    (N.Morgan) The New World Order is becoming mainstream in that even politicians are now speaking out about or against this sinister group. Former Secretary Of Defense, Chuck Hagel was fired over his opposition to the NWO. In the video below, Jan Markell and Eric Barger talk with Gary Kah about the New World Order that many leaders in the world talk about and the power that our current […]

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After The Homeless, Who Will FEMA Go After Next? (Video)

    (N.Morgan) Gabor Zolna poses a very intriguing question in regards to the government round ups, that seem to be taking place. Who will FEMA go after next? Will it be Pro- Second Amendment supporters?  Will it be patriots who stand firm against this regime’s tyranny? Will it be those who are suffering from debilitating diseases or the weakest of the herd, as they like to think? If the […]

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Put This Together With The NDAA Internet And Resettlement Ops (Video)

    (N.Morgan)  Our country and the world are on fire with civil unrest, economic strife, freedoms lost, and a tyrannical governments, that seem to get more restrictive, by the minute. Ever since its conception, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) has been at the forefront of the tyranny facing this country. A breakdown of the bill: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying […]

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Martial Law And A Would Be King (Video)

    (N.Morgan) When Senator Barack Obama told his adoring followers that when he became president in 2008 he would “fundamentally” transform America, he meant it with every fiber of his being. He has definitely changed the face of this once great country and is well on his way to making it of 3rd world country status. He has taken the Constitution and tossed it aside, bypassing congress, issuing insane […]

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