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Snowden Uncovers Shocking Truth Behind Chemtrails FEMA Region Three (Video)

Chemtrails, Conspiracy Theories, Geoengineering, GMOs, Politics, Population Control, Weather Modification

(N.Morgan) Edward Snowden has come forward with more information, including information about the chemtrails program secrets. Snowden says there’s really no oversight of the govt agency that controls the Geoengineering program. Snowden also goes on to say that the chemtrails are to help with the global warming.To “help” the crops, only it is really to kill the crops and leave us helpless and hungry. The govt is in cahoots with Monsanto in the Geoengineering program.

Watch the detailed presentation below. Very interesting indeed..








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United States & Australia Make Plans To Poison Water & Food Supply ? (Video)

Chemtrails, Conspiracy Theories, Corrupt Politicians, Environment, False Flag Ops, FEMA, GMOs, Politics, Population Control

(N.Morgan) There are many reasons for us to believe that this possible “plan” by Australia and the US is plausible. The Elite have had plans depopulation since 1945. The video bellow gives the details and evidence to support this agenda. Every thing that has been happening for the last 10 years is now coming to a head. The Power Elite have their govt. in place and are now putting forth their plans of action against us.

Between the GMOs and te chemtrails, they are slowly poisoning us and our food supply. They mean business. Their intention is our complete demise.




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