Largest Collection Of Freaks Anywhere- Welcome To Wal-Mart (Photos and Video)

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(N.Morgan) Wal-Mart is one of the most well known chain stores in the world.

Not just for their low prices, but now, for the selection of amusing and disturbing patrons, who grace us with their stunning and humorous attire.

In this collection of photos, we will see the funniest, weirdest and just plain gross photos of those who walk among us.

The Wal-Mart Elite..


I’m not sure if this guy is a germaphobe or trying to keep  his clothes clean, but whatever he was thinking, we thank him for the laugh.

Better call the doctor, it looks like Grandma has sprouted a tail!

No comment necessary, you fill in the blank on this one.

Ah, the Mullet family! Business in front, party in the back- keep rockin’ fellas!

I don’t think this is what the Germans has in mind when they came up with lederhosen..

Do these people look in a mirror before they leave the house?


This hits the gross factor times 10.

The face palm heard around the world..


I think it’s time for someone to invent the Back Bra..

Who needs Six Flags, when you’ve got the free Wal-Mart rides?

Carpenter’s crack, better spackle it!

A Mad Max inspired vehicle to survive a trip to Wal-Mart..

And lastly, this gal says she’s too sexy for her teeth..




Attack Of The “Killer” Bunnies? Woman Flees Bunny Stampede On Japan’s Rabbit Island (Video)


(N.Morgan) This amazing video shows a lady running from a stampede of bunnies! After the young lady gave the bunnies some food, they didn’t want to let her out of their sight, so they followed her. This incredible video is very sweet and adorable! I cannot say I would mind have a bunny stampede following me! Known as Rabbit Island, Okunoshima was used as the secret base for the Japanese Imperial Army’s lethal gas operation during World War Two From 1929 to 1945, more than 6,000 tons of poison gas were manufactured on the remote island, and the program was shrouded in secrecy. For 16 years, Okunoshima was left off maps, and workers who produced the five types of poison gas – which were mostly used in warfare in China – were told to keep the factories a secret.

But somewhere along the line rabbits were introduced and – as rabbits tend to do – they bred fast. Some sources claim they were brought to the island to test the effects of the poison and released by workers when the war ended. Others sources say that a group of schoolchildren on a field trip released eight of the animals in 1971. Now tourists flock to the 2.5 mile wide Inland Sea island off the coast of Takehara to feed and pet the hundreds of bunnies that call it home.

And it’s easy to see why.


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