New Madrid Fault Line: The Largest Earthquake Zone (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The New Madrid fault line has been a much debated and discussed topic among the earth watchers and seismologist. I think that all can agree, if the New Madrid awakens again, it could mean a catastrophic event for the entire country and could very possibly set of a major chain reaction and awaken other parts of the country with shaky fault lines. The ultimate domino effect in “natural disasters”.


Please take the time to watch the video below, it presents some very interesting evidence and theories on what this sort of event could lead to.





The image below provides the latest activity on the Madrid and the surrounding areas.








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Fracking Up: Texas Rocked By 16 Earthquakes In 3 Weeks (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The seismic activity in the country and through out the world has scientists saying it’s due to fracking. Fracking could be contributing to this activity. The video below goes over the earthquake that occurred in Texas.

Report: A 3.6-magnitude earthquake has struck an area in north Texas – It’s the strongest tremor there in 5 years. No damage or injuries are reported – but locals have been left emotionally shaken and not everyone’s blaming mother nature.

My concern has become the Ring Of Fire. I think we’ve all kinda forgot about that. Could all of this activity begin to set it off too? The Earth’s plates are definitely moving and smashing together. It could set off something like this world has never seen before.



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