Forced Vaccines

Shocking: NASA Deep State Plans for 2025 Depopulation Culling Actual Documents Revealed! Agenda-21 +Videos

Guest Contributor John Rolls. By Amber William  /  My Daily Informer “This is the Bilderberg and illuminati’s war plan to usher in the New World Order and their Agenda 21 plan. This NASA Document needs to go viral. Declaration of war on the people of the United States and the rest of the world.” Many are calling this the first public declaration of the long feared “New World Order” or the […]

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Illuminati Plans For 2014 What To Expect (Video)

(N.Morgan) 2014 has already proven to be a very busy year, with the invasion of the Ukraine, floods, terrible weather, thanks to HAARP, and the political tensions growing in the United States. Barcode tattoo and RFID implantable chips are also on the agenda. Protests: civil unrest and protests will break out in major cities worldwide in spring, including the U.S., Russia and China this spring and summer. What does the […]

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Get It? Your Doctor Is Paid Handsomely To Poison Your Kids (Video)

(N.Morgan) We see more and more cases of children injured or killed, by the vaccines industry. They have no conscience about this, because they are compensated so richly, they turn a blind eye to the damage they are inflicting on our children. As we’ve known for many years, one of the preservatives that is used in Mercury, however the industry hides this secret by calling it Thimerasol. Both are poisons […]

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