What Youtube and Facebook Really Think of Black People (Video)

by N.Morgan In the video below, a very intelligent young lady named Candace Owens, the videographer of the Red Pill Black channel on Youtube exposes the hypocrisy of censorship faced by her and other conservative, black Americans. Youtube, Twitter and other social media giants are censoring videos and Tweets opposing the narrative that this country is on the cusp of a civil war. Mrs. Owens points out how Hitler used these […]

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Dream Peace Talk Agreement U.S. Sschools Being Turned Into FEMA Camps (Stunning Video)

    (N.Morgan) As tyranny grips this country by the throat, our schools are being turned into FEMA Camps of indoctrination. This nation is losing its battle against the Power Elite and now they are going after our children. So our enslavement doesn’t stop at us, as adults, but will trickle down to the children, as well. We are entering a full blown Police State and not many are watching […]

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