Obama Can Get Anyone Murdered, Pilot Confesses (Shocking Video)

    (N.Morgan) If you were ever in doubt about Obama and his regime’s intentions towards the US citizenry, this will resolve any conflicts you may have had. In this interview, a pilot confesses that Obama can and will have anyone murdered at anytime and that there’s always someone who will do his dirty work. You can be sitting in your home eating dinner and the next thing, be blown […]

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Could You Be Next? Obama Orders The Murder Of American Citizens!! (Shocking Video)

(N.Morgan) Our dictator has now ordered the murder of American civilians. The citizen’s lives mean nothing to him and we are just in the way. Obama constantly evokes the State Privilege to protect himself from prosecution. Will you be next? Will I? We are no longer safe from this tyrant or his regime.       According to Jeremy Scahill’s blockbuster book and academy award-nominated documentary Dirty Wars, Obama ordered […]

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We Track ‘Em, You Whack ‘Em (Video)

(N.Morgan) NSA (National Security Agency) is now helping this regime in assassinating citizens here and abroad. Not only will they perform surveillance and tracking, they will help drones find their targets. Another weapon used against us by this sinister agency. The National Security Agency is using complex analysis of electronic surveillance, rather than human intelligence, as the primary method to locate targets for lethal drone strikes – an unreliable tactic […]

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