Denver’s Homeless Round-Up-FEMA Camps Hidden Behind Humanitarianism

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(N.Morgan) As I’ve discussed in previous articles, the homeless are being rounded up and put into “shelters”, AKA FEMA Camps, by a regime who believes it is in their best interests and the best interest of society as a whole. This twisted thinking has led to the tyranny of the already down trodden souls, to be forced into facilities against their wills.

It may seem that is a caring, almost saintly thing to do, but in reality, this is imprisoning people whose only crime is being poor and homeless.

Denver’s Road Home is misdirecting good intentions to round up vulnerable people in Denver. These new low income, transitional housing, vocational training and “behavioral” health programs are just nice words for internment camps for undesirables and rebellious free thinkers.










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Anonymous: Warning: – #Op Prepare For FEMA (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is sending out a warning about FEMA Camps and concentration camps. #Op Prepare For FEMA begins now. Anonymous goes over the camps being staffed and ready for our interment. Prepare now for this action to commence.

Are you ready for what is coming?






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Economic Control Current Financial Crisis & Armageddon Illuminati NWO Plans (Video)

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(N.Morgan) To control a country, one of the best ways is through the economic system, among others. The New World Order is an old hand at this and knows to bring a country or its citizens, to their knees, can be done  simply by making money and food less available. We are facing this crisis now. Our economy is growing worse by the day and food prices are going through the roof. The poor are getting poorer, while the super rich, just keep getting richer. This is no accident. It is a very well planned and executed maneuver by the Power Elite. The video below shows just how many ways we are being manipulated and herded into a corner.








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8 Prison Security Techniques Being Implemented On The American People (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Many people have no awareness of how the inside of a prison works or how the prison system works, from the inside. They are completely unaware that many of the things they are enduring now, inmates endure daily. This nation is becoming the Prison nation, only our walls are those that are invisible and unseen. Like surveillance cameras and those lovely grope searches at the airports. Below are listed the 10 ways we are all inmates now.

1. Cameras & Movement Tracking

2. Drug Testing

3. Metal Detection & Weapon Confiscation

4. Crowd Control

5. Mail Surveillance

6. Telephone Monitoring

7. Lockdowns

8. Snitching

Any of this sound familiar?  We endure these treatments daily, either in small ways, like our mail bring gone through or telephone surveillance. I think some states are worse than other. For example, here in PA. we know they go through our mail. Someone I know was waiting for a letter from California, with money in it and guess what? All they received was the envelope, no letter,no money, and the envelope was torn to shreds. I get packages and they’ve been opened. This is what a prison society looks like.

My only question is this, what was our crime?


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Get Obamacare Or Go To FEMA Camp 2014 (Video)

Debtors Prisons, FEMA

(N.Morgan) This regime has broken the law by forcing a mandated healthcare plan. A forced entity, that will get you fined or jailed, if you do not comply with this outrageous scheme. Do your own research before you make a decision on healthcare, read all of the fine print. There are a lot of disinformation people that will put down videos like this, do your own homework and don’t believe others.

One of the principles this country was based upon was no debtors prisons. This goes against that, since this regime claims that Obamacare is a tax and if you don’t pay, you go to jail. This is a clear violation of the Constitution.


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