BP Oil Spill

Crude Awakening : Gulf Residents Still Getting Sick From BP Oil Spill- Media Strangely Silent (Video)

    (N.Morgan) The horrible BP Oil Spill has left the residents of the south still sick, still confused, and seemingly completely abandoned by the regime and the public. In the video below, Shane Smith visits the Gulf Coast of Louisiana where residents report that they’re still suffering from the effects of oil and dispersants four years after the Deepwater Horizon spill. This is his debrief from Season 2 Episode […]

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Chemical Rape And Genocide In Gulf Coast By BP Oil Spill Socialists Like Obama (Video)

    (N.Morgan) In the chaos of everything else going on in this country and the world, it seems many people have forgotten about the BP’s Gulf Oil Spill. They have forgotten the absolute travesty of that spill and how badly it has been handled since. Everyone except those who are suffering the physically debilitating side effects from the chemical the Gulf was doused with, to “clean up” the oil […]

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