The Empire Strikes Back – At Bitcoin

Guest Contributor John Rolls One of the uncertainties with cryptocurrencies has always been how governments would react once bitcoin and its kin got big enough to actually threaten the monopolies of national fiat currencies. That day seemed to be approaching as cryptocurrencies’ aggregate market cap blew through $100 billion and the pipeline of new bitcoin wannabes (initial coin offerings, or ICOs) swelled into the hundreds. Even – in a classic sign […]

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Target Ignored Security Warnings — The Underworld Loves Cash — Hong Kong Bitcoin ATM (Video)

(N.Morgan) Whether you love or hate Bitcoin, it has made quite a splash in the financial world. The video below gives an excellent summation of the possibility of a security breach and how the authorities knew of this possibility. Target staff IGNORED security alerts as hackers slurped 40m customers’ card details — Reports say staff dithered while hackers went to town.   References: Mind your wallet: why the underworld loves […]

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