Animal Cruelty

by N.Morgan

When you look into the sweet face of a dog and see their unconditional and unwavering love for you, it makes these kind of stories doubly heartbreaking.

Jack the pitbull was unceremoniously dumped at a nearby shelter by his one time owner, who had decided he no longer wanted sweet Jack.

What makes this story even sadder is that Jack was somehow able to tell that this moment was coming.

He cried and whimpered, desperately attempting to change his owner’s mind.

Instead of reconsidering keeping Jack, Jack’s owner cruelly laughed in the sweet pup’s face and continued onward with his evil plan.

Can you believe that someone would decide to dump a dog at the local shelter on Christmas Day…..of all the days you could possibly decide to make such a heartless choice?

Not only was Jack in good health, but was a very well behaved and a sweet natured dog and the fact his owner would abandon such a treasure is just beyond belief.

The compassionate staff quickly came to the decision that the shelter was no place for such a wonderful dog, who had been kicked out of what should’ve been his forever home, for no reason at all, so the staff began to formulate a plan to find Jack the loving home he deserved.

They utilized their social media pages as a means of promoting Jack for adoption and as you may have guessed, this gambit worked like a charm. Thanks to the assistance of a few local animal rescue providers, Jack was saved from a life on the streets and given the chance to enjoy a wonderful and full life.

The adoption offers came flooding in quickly and Jack was given several options for a forever home. We are glad to report that he has been adopted by people who love him and he will never have to suffer through the indignity of being ditched on Christmas ever again.

People need to realize that taking in a dog or any pets is a responsibility that should be taken seriously and understand it will be for the duration of that animal’s life. They are one of our most vulnerable and sweet creatures among us and should be treated as a member of the family.



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