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Eyewitness Describes Lavoy Finicum’s Death on Road to Burns Oregon (Video)

(N.Morgan)  What the mainstream media is reporting does not come remotely close to what really happened, just skirts the ugly truth of the incident. This was a fully planned and fully armed government ambush. These patriots were lured into believing they could safely travel from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and easily return, a clear setup. Now one of these patriots is dead, another wounded and others arrested. We have […]

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Virginia Shooting: Video’s From Shooters Point Of View, Bryce Williams, Aka Vester Lee Flanagan

  (N.Morgan) We are cultivating a state of insanity in our society. It should come as no surprise that the number of mass shootings at schools and in other public places is ever increasing. The surge has nothing to do with access to guns, which have been widely available in the U.S. for decades. During the same period, gun control laws have been increasing but having little to no impact. Instead, there […]

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Russian Caller: Jade Helm Is Preparations For Financial Collapse Like Soviet Union In “1989” (Videos)

  (N.Morgan) The internet and conspiracy forums have been abuzz with the prospect of what the Jade Helm 15’s true mission is. A Russian citizen makes a surprise call to the Alex Jones Show and exposes what could very well be the true purpose behind this military exercise on American soil.   The caller claims in the video below that Jade Helm is in preparation for the impending financial collapse and to […]

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Man Holds Up Hands & Lies Down — Cops Still Kick Him In The Face & Taser Him

    (N.Morgan) A recent Drug Task Enforcement video shows a different story from what the police reports written by the plains clothes detectives involved in the incident, The Kansas City Star reports. The video below begins with the final moments of a car chase between Timothy Whittle and two plains clothes detectives, Michael Chinn and Kip Bartlett. Chinn and Bartlett were members of the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force, and […]

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Former Cop Warns Current Cops About Violating Rights Of Protesters

    (N.Morgan) The current state of our country is brimming with civil unrest and protests. Our right to freedom of speech is quickly becoming obsolete. The Thought Police are in full force and tyranny is reigning supreme. In the video below, Wild Bill warns police officers about respecting the rights of the protesters and of the populace as a whole.         Bill says, “We are not […]

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Nazi Thought Police “Execute” Executive By David Schnittger (Video)

    (N.Morgan) In this video installment by David Schnittger , David discusses how the “Thought Police” are exterminating of powerful people in high places. No one is above the sinister Power Elite,not even their own. During a recent interview, Dr. Ben Carson compared the current political environment in the United States to Nazi Germany… “[We’re] very much like Nazi Germany,” he responded. “And I know you’re not supposed to […]

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