Thor Actor Drops Hammer on Pedophiles! Wow!

By Glenn Canady 

An actor who appeared in the movie Thor (see photo) just dropped the hammer on Hollywood pedophiles!  His name is Isaac Kappy and he just released a ton of information recently on Periscope!   He dropped some BIG names in this shocker!  In my opinion, he’s telling 100% truth here because as he says in the video he welcomes ANY of those named to sue him!   He knows they won’t do it!

He’s asking everybody to get the word out about this!  I’m boycotting every person named here and hope you do too!

This is some really sick stuff and some of these names will rock your world!

I’m not going to tell all the details in this article but he talks about some really big names you all know.    He doesn’t say all of them are pedophiles.  You’ll just have to listen yourself and decide.

The most shocking thing he says is when he said Seth Green has a secret room behind a bookcase!   When Seth showed this secret room to Isaac he said, “This is where we keep the children!”   Huge news here!  Police should be interviewing Kappy right now and if he confirms the information they should go bust down the door and save those kids!

Some of the people he mentions are the following.

Seth Green, Tom Hanks, The Bronfmans, Jimmy Saville, Steven Spielberg, Stephen Colbert, John Podesta, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Spacey and more.

You’ll have to listen to see what he says about them and decide for yourself!

Here are two good websites breaking huge news you should study.  Tons of information being leaked here too!  Get it everywhere!



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