These Mind-Blowing UFOs Captured on Video Confirmed Real – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes (Video)

by N.Morgan

In this revealing compilation presented by Paranormal Crucible, the clips are declassified from confirmed sources and are all classed officially as UFOs.

Some of the clips have been enhanced for better clarity, but they have not been altered in any other way, unlike most of the fake UFO videos on YouTube.

Even the most seasoned skeptics will have a tough time debunking these amazing captures.

The Best Confirmed UFOs Caught On Camera

From Paranormal CrucibleThe Las Vegas UFO was sent to me by a subscriber who has given me exclusive permission to use, by the time he spotted the object and grabbed his cellphone he managed to snap seven pics in total, but the object only appears in two. 

One other passenger managed to get a picture of the object but from a different angle. In total four passengers witnessed the object.

The subscriber who is called Simon, believes the object could have been heading to or was from area 51.

I have contacted the other passenger to ask if I may use their picture. If I get permission, I will make a new video with all the pics.




Paranormal Crucible

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