Yet Another Proof the Feds Don’t Want You Well

Guest Post by Christopher Watson

For the second time in as many years, your friendly neighborhood federal government is pushing to criminalize the use of kratom, a natural botanical supplement from the coffee family that patients have used for years to manage pain, opioid withdrawal symptoms, and depression.  But they’re just doing this because they care about you.

 This time around, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published an advisory stating certain dangers the coffee-like herb poses. In response, the American Kratom Association has initiated a formal dispute resolution petition, calling on activists and Kratom users to mobilize once again to testify about the medical benefits of Kratom, as well as the mischaracterizations from the FDA.

The initial ban proposal the DEA made in August of 2016 shocked the Kratom community, which is comprised of a wide spectrum of patients who need medical care for various conditions, including arthritis, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, opioid withdrawal, PTSD and others. Nearly all of them have found major relief from their symptoms through Kratom with minimal to no side effects. If Kratom were banned, many of them would be forced to resort to prescription pills or live in pain.

Sign Petition to save Kratom:

#KeepKratomLegal #IAmKratom #TeamAKA


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