Project Veritas’ Latest Sting: Explosive Expose’ Reveals Alarming Truths About Alex Jones and Infowars (Video)


(N.Morgan) The video below is the latest expose’ by Project Veritas in which their brave, uncover reporters infiltrated the hollowed halls of the infamous Infowars and got stunning glimpse into what really goes on behind the scenes.

Alex Jones’ outlandish and often incorrect style of reporting has caused a great deal of suspicion among those who are fighting against the political corruption plaguing the government and the world.

Jones is known for often glazing over or completely avoiding the truth about zionists and their role behind the curtain pulling the strings of the Elite.

Project Veritas:  American Bravada, Infowars Part I — Bigfoot Revealed.

The intrepid undercover journalists at Project Veritas have made big waves recently by exposing the behind-the-scenes biases of the mainstream media.

Now they turn their sights on Infowars, and this shocking hidden-camera footage reveals the truth behind the world’s most powerful alternative media outlet.

This video delivers shocking revelations including information about Infowars journalists and Alex Jones receiving anonymous cash donations to their bank accounts that were tracked back to Moscow, according to one of the reporters.



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