Exclusive Live Mandalay Bay, 3 Shooters Confirmed – Videos


Guest Contributor John Rolls

Scott Binsack

Published on Oct 7, 2017


EXCLUSIVE FROM MFA NEWS CEO “SCOTT BINSACK” GAINS DIRECT LIVE ACCESS TO MANDALAY BAY RESORT AND GIVES YOU AN UPCLOSE BREAKING WALK THROUGH OF HOW THE LAS VEGAS OCTOBER 1 SHOOTINGS TOOK PLACE. A MUST SEE!! Stephen Paddock is clearly the new Lee Harvey Oswald. The 21st Century Patsy!! Scott Binsack exposes clear evidence that the first rounds of deadly gun fire did not come from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay and explains his theory of what really transpired. Scott will be doing several more shows following this one to show you concrete proof to prove his theory. Direct interviews and other excusive evidence. Stay tuned Watch Scott’s daily shows before they go public, join MFA Underground today: shopmfa.org This video is the copyrighted exclusive property of Scott J Binsack and March For America, LLC a Nevada based legal entity. As such, it connot be used or copied without the permission of aforesaid parties. Any usage or removal of said content will result in civil and criminal penalties under the State of Nevada and applicable Federal Laws.


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