Century City/ Los Angeles, California: Illuminati/Freemason Symbolism From Aerial Photograph

By N.Morgan

(Google image: Century City, LA) 

An intriguing photo that was posted on Reddit.

We are surrounded by architecture from the past and often we may miss the symbolism in these bizarre and creepy structures.

The Elites love having all of their “symbols” hidden in plain sight, a private joke for the ultra rich and evil.

The videos below delve into the history of these architectural symbols and their true meaning.

Century City is a 712,000 square meters commercial and residential district in the Los Angeles Westside, State of California with over 6.000 residents.

The land of Century City belonged to cowboy actor Tom Mix (1880-1940), who used it as a ranch. It later became a backlot of 20th Century Fox, which still has its headquarters just to the southwest.

The link to the actual Google map location, HERE.

The library in LA City is also a known is a freemason shrine.

Century Plaza Towers are two 44-story, 174-metre twin towers located at 2029 and 2049 Century Park East in Century City, Los Angeles, California. According to the official website, it was designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki.






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