Are Central Banks Preparing for the Demise of the Dollar? Crucial Interview With G. Edward Griffin (Video)


(N.Morgan) As the world becomes accustomed to Donald J.Trump presidency,  FutureMoneyTrendshas living Legend G. Edward Griffin to explain the current outlook in the White House and the future of the economy.

In this interview, a major fact is discussed regarding how the Federal Reserve has never been a federal institution and how it has been utilized to strangle and control the economy with its parasitic grasp.


Topics discussed in this interview:

02:25 The Trump Presidency Vs. the Deep State

05:45 Trump and Kissinger’s meet up

10:45 Importance of Sovereignty and the Monetary System

13:10 Outlook on the non-Governmental Federal Reserve

20:45 The relationship between The FED and Stock Market

24:45 The awakening against corruption!

30:05 Where to learn more about the Red Pill Expo



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