Where Buying Votes Has Gone Completely to the Dogs (Video)

(N.Morgan) One of the wonderful things about America is that it is literally the land of equal opportunity and that applies to dogs too.

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, is a unincorporated community and census-designated locale in Boone County, Kentucky, USA, with a population of 315.

This is about their latest election, held in November 2016 just like the rest of the country, and the new canine mayor elected to office for a four year term.

The town is notable primarily due to its name, and its string of canine mayors.

Every four years in Rabbit Hash, residents can “vote” for their favorite canine candidate by donating to the Rabbit Hash Historic Society.

Each vote costs $1, and being a resident is not a restriction. So all are invited to vote online or in person, as many times as they would like.

This year’s raised election money will be given towards paying some of the costs involved in just completed rebuilding of the town’s General Store, a historical landmark originally built in 1831.

In mid-February this year, the Rabbit Hash General Store was destroyed by a large fire.

The store has been on the National Register of Historic Places since the early 1980s.

The winner of the mayor contest in Rabbit Hash was Brynneth Pawltro, a 3-year-old pit bull, who’s known lovingly around Rabbit Hash simply as Brynn, pictured below.

Brynn won the mayoral election on 16 November 2016, receiving 3,367 votes.

Brynn isn’t the first canine mayor that the citizens of Rabbit Hash have elected.

First Canine Mayor — Goofy Borneman-Calhoun, a Shepard mix: 1998-2001*

Sadly, in 2001, Mayor Borneman became the first elected official to be euthanized, and the post of mayor was left vacant until the next election cycle in 2004.

Second Canine Mayor —  Junior Cochran, a black Labrador: 2004-2008

Junior is known for sporting a stylish velvet fedora.

Third Canine Mayor: Lucy Lou, a border collie: 2008-2016 

Lucy became the town’s first female mayor, and served for two terms.

“Mayor Lucy Lou said that she has has been honored to serve for the past 8 years. Through the course of a tense evening of voting she sniffed the butts of all the candidates and has given her approval to the Mayor elect, Brynn. She looks forward to working with the new mayor and the Ambassadors as Rabbit Hash strives to restore the General Store.”








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