Compassionate Woman Saves 19 Dogs From Certain Death (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Ashlee Holland was shocked after she saved a pregnant dog on the euthanasia list from her local pet shelter and the doggie mom gave birth to 18 puppies!

Holland, a mom from Missouri, adopted mom-to-be Ava, a golden retriever-chow mix who is believed to be between the ages of two and four years old, from Midwest Animal ResQ in Raytown, Missouri.

Ava was on the euthanasia list. She had no other choice, no other hope. I was basically her last resort along with Midwest Animal ResQ,” Holland told WDAF. “No dog deserves to be put to sleep for space.”

Although Holland was aware that her new rescue pet was pregnant at the time of the adoption, she had no clue of the huge surprise to come.

“I was aware she was having puppies, but X-rays didn’t show how many,” Holland told the station.

Ava’s labor began on June 25 and her first puppy was born at 10:02 p.m. The momma dog went on to have another four puppies within 57 minutes, according to Holland.

“She took a little break, had puppy #6, another break and then puppy #7 at 12:33 a.m.,” Holland wrote on her Facebook page“All signs showed that she was done having puppies as she had calmed down, wasn’t having anymore contractions, and was caring for her 7 new babies.”

The next morning, however, Holland and her family discovered that Ava wasn’t even close to being done.

“Ava got cleaned up and taken care of and her bedding was changed and we called it a night, only to wake up to 8 more puppies!!! We were now at 15!” she wrote. “I had to tend to my kids and get them ready for summer school and came back to find out she had given birth to another 3 pups!”

Sweet Ava gave birth to an astounding 18 healthy and adorable puppies, all of which Holland’s 9-year-old son named after Kansas City Royals players.

“We got Ned Yost, Dayton Moore, Buck O’Neil. We got Esky, Royal,” she said. “It’s heaven. Puppy pile, you can’t get any better than that.”

Holland told WDAF that rescuing animals has always been a passion of her’s and that this entire experience has simply left her over the moon.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s incredible. I didn’t just save one life, I saved 19,” Holland said. “It’s amazing.”

Holland said,” Ava and her puppies will be ready for adoption in approximately eight weeks, pending medical examinations.”

Anyone who is interested in either adopting a puppy or helping Holland care for them can click here.




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