Watch What Happens When Mom Brings Home a Rescued Pitbull and She Meets Autistic Son (Video)


(N.Morgan) Pitbulls are perhaps the most misjudged of puppy breeds and unfortunately, so are autistic children.

However when these 2 meet, it is pure love and magic.

Johnny ‘s parents attempted a multitude of medications to help bring Johnny out of his shell, but the medications failed and they just couldn’t break the imperceptible wall that kept Johnny trapped inside of himself and he was unable to interact with another person or show love.

As it turned out, the person who figured out how to reach Johnny wasn’t human at all.

Xena the Pitbull puppy had her own reasons not to trust people, but these 2 hurt souls found love and trust in each other and it changed both of their lives for the better.

Watch their incredible story in the video below.




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