Homeless Pit Bull Keeps Vigil by Her Dead Best Friend for Two Weeks (Video)


(N.Morgan) A compassionate caller contacted Hope For Paws to report 2 dogs that were staying by the railroad tracks.

When rescuers arrived they found that a poodle was deceased and a sweet pitbull refused to leave her best friend’s side.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz found the terrified dog and approached it slowly.

There has been so much sadness and fear in this pup’s short life, but after many treats and gentle coaxing, JoAnn was able to place her lucky leash around Cassandra, then she calmed the spooked dog down.

They took Cassandra to the vet for a bath and check, a warm bath is very therapeutic and is a bonding experience.

Cassandra was then taken to her foster home, where she made new friends and making a new beginning and a brand new life and hope for a loving, forever home.

If you’d been interested in adopting this pretty girl, apply at: http://www.DoggieBonez.com






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