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(N.Morgan) See something strange or unusual happening, grab your cell phone or camera and catch the story LIVE as it happens.

Be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.

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Local governments, organizations and businesses often support financial and procedural abuses, those small every day forms of corruption which add up over time and hurt both the communities and the people.

Big corporations are often hiding actions that the world learns about only when someone stands up and speaks out.

See it, Report it!

Before It’s News needs your support as Citizen Journalists to help expose these every day crimes. This is a free service that promotes Freedom Of Speech.

You see so much injustice all around you every day, but you can decide to stop sitting quietly by and take action to change things.

Stand up and show everyone what is going on in your city. At work or at play, your eyes and ears are needed to bring the true news to the world viewers LIVE as it happens.

In March 2016, a corporate whistleblower received a settlement and watched as the medical device company he had reported to the US Government was found guilty and fined $646 million for a pattern of bribery and kickbacks. Included in the fine, almost fifty percent of the total amount in fact, was a criminal penalty for violating the federal anti-kickback statute which makes this the largest amount any company ever paid for breaking that federal law. SOURCE

In another 2016 high-profile case, Gretchen Carlson, former anchor at the 21st Century Fox (FOXA) unit Fox News, charged her former boss, Roger Ailes, with sexual harassment, setting off a chain reaction with other women deciding to go public with similar allegations. Ms. Carlson settled with Fox for $20 million, and Mr. Ailes lost his job, resigning on July 21. SOURCE

Calling all Whistleblowers, Before Its News will provide you the platform to reach a diverse global audience, expanding your ability to expose the truth. It’s Free!

The word “injustice” can cover many things. Still not sure? Here are some words which mean the same thing.

unfairness, unjustness, inequity, corruption, cruelty, tyranny, repression, exploitation, bias, prejudice, discrimination, intolerance;  a wrong, offense, crime, outrage, atrocity committed against another or group

Now can you see how these acts touch everyone? Be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.

We live in shifting times, where every day an unfolding event close to home or across the world, is impacting our lives. The images and LIVE coverage each citizen reporter captures will shape the view of others, giving them the true facts they need to know.

Have an impact on your community, shape the way the truth is told, become a Citizen Journalist.

By sharing images, posting videos and writing the true story for Before its News, you will be contributing and insuring the real news is being seen and heard.

No more burying the truth, hiding the facts underneath “soft news” that is just slanted political propaganda.

Be a part of the power, be a speaker of the truth, be a Citizen Journalist here at Before It’s News.

Have questions or need more information? Contact Before It’s News at editor@beforeitsnews.com  We can help you set up your account, share a list of tools that will help you maximize your efforts in the field when reporting and assist you with information on where the next big event is likely to unfold.

We are the last Frontier of Free Press, won’t you join us?


Courtney C. Radsch is one of the earliest proponents of the political impact of cyberactivism in the Middle East and analysts of Arab media. She defines citizen journalism “as an alternative and activist form of newsgathering and reporting that functions outside mainstream media institutions, often as a response to shortcomings in the professional journalistic field, that uses similar journalistic practices but is driven by different objectives and ideals and relies on alternative sources of legitimacy than traditional or mainstream journalism”.



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