Turn on, Tune in and Drop Out of the Brainwashing of Mainstream Media (Video)


(N.Morgan) Since the start of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, mainstream media has not only showed a vicious bias towards President Trump, but has also been caught publishing completely bogus stories in an attempt to discredit then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The mainstream media has completely destroyed its own credibility with their continuous shenanigans, and it is time for the public to break free from the flood of propaganda and lies the mainstream media utilizes in their effort to control the viewing masses.

In the video below, Brave Counsel discusses what should replace mainstream for news and information, and tells viewers that it is time to unplug from the relentless propaganda machine, and begin to think and research the details for yourself.

Stop being a blind follower, and begin to face forward with ‘eyes wide open’.




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