2 of Hillary’s Doctors with Her At Trump Ceremony! Clinton Dying? (Video)


(N.MorganVideographer Barry Soetoro has made an interesting discovery about a couple of the guests at the Presidential Inauguration.

In the video below, he points out that Hillary’s 2 doctors, whom have been captured on other videos close by Clinton’s side, are also at the inauguration hovering around her in the background.

Why are 2 seizure doctors following Hillary everywhere she goes?

Is Hillary Clinton dying from Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, and brain damage? 

Watch Hillary’s neurological doctors follow her around president trump’s 2017 inauguration at the washington dc capitol building! Why isn’t one (1) doctor enough?

Hillary’s record of falling down and getting injured began in 2005.

Hillary Clinton has been suffering serious health problems for over a decade.


Barry Soetoro


Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Has Fake Arms, Why? (Videos)


(N.Morgan) Several members of the military and law enforcement community noticed something very unusual about one of Trump’s bodyguards, after the historical inauguration.

The Secret Service agent is question, who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Hitman Agent 47, seemed to have very stiff and odd looking arms, that were in an strange resting position.

After further review of the video and images, the military experts observed that his hands stayed in that exact same position for hours.

Their conclusion is they believe he had fake arms so he could conceal a fully automatic rifle in the ready position under his coat.

Numerous members of the military community speculated it was likely a FN-P90 rifle.



Fox Show Features 6 Year Old Transgender Boy in Bondage Gag (Video)


(N.MorganIn a stomach-turning new “comedy” on FOX, it presents a show that features a 6-year-old boy wearing a bondage gag.

The child on the show is portraying a transgender and is seen wearing the gag after burning his tongue licking a hot grill at a Benihana style restaurant in exchange for $1,000 from his older teenage brother.

“The Mick” show premiered on FOX and aired on January 1st, 2017.

It was created by Dave Chernin and John Chernin, both sons of top Hollywood executive Peter Chernin.

There are other scenes in which the child actor is dressed like a girl and comments how the dress he’s wearing “kind of breezes on my vagina.”

Another disturbing scene shows the boy celebrate after a man’s eye is impaled in front of him by a woman’s high-heeled shoe.

As blood is shooting on the boy’s face and clothes, he exclaims, “cool!

Another forced scene highlighted by Newsbusters shows one of the characters awkwardly praising Planned Parenthood, plugging how they provide “health care to over three million women in this country.

Sam Hyde’s show was canceled from Adult Swim for jokes vaguely referencing the alt-right, utter filth like this is aired during prime time on FOX.

There have been several updates to this story, mainly many websites and other forums have censored it from being seen.

One has to wonder what FOX and the creators of this show were actually thinking..

This sort of bizarre humor is tastless and children should’t be allowed to be involved in the making of such a show.





The Most Important and Censored Stories of 2016 That You Never Heard About (Video)

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(N.Morgan) 2016 will go down in history as the year internet censorship was fully launched.

Targeted censorship that was designed to hide some of the most vital stories of the year, to keep the masses in the dark about the true issues taking place in our country and globally.

“It is impossible to fully measure the impact the failure of the press has had on society. How many thousands, or perhaps millions, of  lives would have been saved if the press had done its job instead of ignoring or covering up the problems.” -Dr. Carl Jensen, co-founder of Project Censored (1929-2015)

In the video below, Global Research does a Year in Review, in which they discuss the stories we all missed, due to politically skewed censorship.

Our first guest, Andy Lee Roth, is the Associate Director of Project Censored, a media research program which fosters student development of media literacy and critical thinking skills as applied to news media censorship in the United States. 

Every year, PC releases its picks of the most censored news stories of the previous year. Roth provides an overview of the Top 25 most censored stories of 2016 in our first half hour.

We next hear from John Schertow, founder and lead editor of Intercontinental Cry, an online media source of news of worldwide Indigenous struggle and resistance.

Schertow shares his picks for the most under-reported stories involving Indigenous peoples.





Check Out These 7 Dog Gadgets Tested by CrazyRussianHacker (Video)

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(N.MorganCrazyRussianHacker is known on Youtube for his crazy experiments and testing different products.

In this latest installment, the hacker, along with his 2 adorable helpers test the latest in dog toys and gadgets.

Some of the products tested are a ball launcher, a cooling mat for summer time fun, a light up leash for night walks and bags to take on those walks to pick up after your dog.

Please be sure to check out safety ratings on any toys or gadgets you purchase.

The Humane Society suggests the following:

Avoid or alter any toys that aren’t “dog-proof” by removing ribbons, strings, eyes or other parts that could be chewed off and/or ingested.

Discard toys that start to break into pieces or are torn.

Check labels on stuffed toys to see that they are labeled as safe for children under three years of age and that they don’t contain any dangerous fillings.

Problem fillings include nutshells and polystyrene beads, but even “safe” stuffings aren’t truly digestible.

Remember that soft toys are not indestructible, but some are sturdier than others.

Soft toys should be machine washable.

Recommended toys

Active toys

Hard rubber toys such as Nylabone® and Kong®-type products come in many shapes and sizes and are fun for chewing and carrying around.

For dogs that like tug-of-war and chewing on interesting textures, rope and woven toys are usually available in a “bone” shape with knotted ends.

Tennis balls make great dog toys for fetching, but don’t stand up to chewing very well.

Discard any tennis balls that have been chewed through, as they can pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Distraction toys

Kong®-type toys, especially when filled with broken-up treats*, can keep a puppy or dog busy for hours.

If your veterinarian says your dog can eat peanut butter, add some to the crushed-up treats for a tastier (and busier) treat!

“Busy-box” or “feeder” toys are large rubber shapes that can be filled with treats .

By moving the cube around with their nose, mouth and paws, your dog get to the goodies.

Many dogs who tend to eat their food too quickly benefit from being fed through a feeder-style toy.

Comfort toys

Soft stuffed toys are good for several purposes, but they aren’t appropriate for all dogs.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right stuffed toy:

Some dogs like to carry around soft toys, so pick one that’s small enough

Some dogs want to shake or “kill” their toys, so choose one that’s large enough to prevent accidental swallowing and sturdy enough to withstand the dog’s attacks.

CIA Out to Sabotage Donald Trump and Wikileaks- Why? (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The CIA’s main job is to do the current regime’s bidding.

When the administration is fair and just, American lives can be saved and American interests are not only protected, but can be expanded utilizing the CIA’s many skills.

When the administration is evil and unjust or compromised by outside interests, American lives can be ruined and American interests can be attacked, also by utilizing the CIA’s diverse skills.

In the video below, David Seaman discusses why the CIA suddenly after 10 years of leaking information, has turned their focus on Wikileaks and how the CIA is out to destroy Donald Trump’s impending presidency.


David Seaman